Stream of Consciousness – No Edits on this Fantasy

We began walking down the beach lost in thought. The night was cloudless and full of stars. The air was warm and yet I still shivered at your slightest touch. We walked until we came to a cave in the rocks. There I kissed you, gently at first, then passionately and demanding. Hard Latex LoverTaking your hand I led you inside to a blanket and a small fire. Slowly, I trailed kisses down your neck as I unbuttoned your blouse. I stopped briefly at your nipple while I slipped off your dress. Lightly I moved my hands up the inside of your thighs brushing my lips against one thing as I moved upward until my lips found you, wet and juicy! Rubbing you lightly with my hand, I slowly and softly trailed my free hand across your tight ass while I licked your clitoris, moistening it. I grasped your firm butt in my hands urging you to orgasm as I licked faster and faster. Suddenly you quivered and arched high into the air. Then I then picked you up and carried you to a blanket by the fire, and removed the rest of your clothing. I love your firm breasts with those rose-bud nipples. I took one in my hand and fondling it gently while sucking on the other. Your eyes pleaded with me to stop teasing and take you, but I only smiled, sliding my free hand down to allow my fingers to play in your valley. You began moving your hips in a circular motion, urging my fingers inside of you. In a frenzy we rolled over over each other, thrusting and moaning until at last we had reached ecstasy, crying out and collapsing in a mess of hot sweaty bodies.

Do you need a Spanking?

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