Lady Gia Whips Brett – a fragment

“Brett, take down your trousers and your drawers,” Lady Gia said.

Brett was shocked: “His drawers?” he thought. “Yes, his father whipped him bare bottomed, but never had this Domina seen him undressed!” His opened his mouth to protest but she cut him off before he made a sound.

“If you do not do as I tell you, young man, I will send my girl for your father’s belt. Do you understand me?” Lady Gia stood behind the small desk chair, her cinnamon eyes glittering, her will indomitable. Brett was stunned into obedience.

As he stumbled forward, fumbling with the buttons on his pants, Lady Gia opened the desk drawer and drew out a wide wooden ruler which she set meaningfully on the desk. She pulled her chair just a little closer, so the ruler would be in easy reach and turned to survey the progress young man was making.

Not much. Brett stood clutching the waistband of his trousers, regarding the ruler with horror and finally shifting his eyes accusingly to Lady Gia as she settled on the chair.

Without a word she grabbed him by a wrist, dragging the sturdy young man toward her. “Drop them, Brett,” she commanded as she pulled his hands from his waistband. His trousers fell to his knees and Lady Gia had a moment to admire his fine young legs. Already definition of muscle played across his thighs, though they were almost as hairless as her own.

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