Excerpt from “Misty’s Whipping at the Hands of Sister Mary”

This story isn’t finished, but I’ve less than a few thousand words to write. “Misty’s Whipping at the Hands of Sister Mary,” is novella length – currently a little over 20,000 words. It picks up where “Heather’s Caning and Humiliation,” leaves off. Now, it’s both Misty and Heather who face the nun, and they learn an important lesson about obedience, punishment, caning and love. Read the excerpt below. Let me know what you’re thinking.

F/f girl spanking girl, whipping and caning“Oh God, Misty.” Heather opened her blue eyes and turned her head so that she could see her girlfriend better. “You haven’t really seen my ass yet,” she sobbed. Heather didn’t mention the vision she had of her girlfriend bent over a chair with her ass high in the air. Instead, she slowly rolled over so that Misty could see her ravaged ass cheeks.

“Oh my God!” Misty put her hand to her mouth and she surveyed the strokes criss-crossing Heather’s otherwise smooth bottom. They were stark against the white flesh and emphasized Heather’s tan lines. Each stroke across Heather’s butt cheeks was plainly visible – a red weal that seemed to pulsate with heat and pain. “Holy shit, Heather!” Misty’s words were muffled by her finger tips. “What did that awful fucking nun do to you?”

Heather buried her face in the pillow and sobbed. The pain and humiliation of the caning still fresh in her mind. But she still had to tell Misty the worst news of all: “I have to tell you-”

“Shhhhhh,” Misty said, tenderly stroking Heather’s ass cheeks. “You don’t have to tell me anything.”

“Oh, but I do!” Heather clutched the pillow tighter and raised her face just a little. “She knows about us, Misty. Sister Mary knows that we’re lovers!” Heather felt her girlfriend’s fingers trembling against her ass. Where before, Misty’s fingers had steadily stroked her, now they seemed to tap Heather’s flesh ever so lightly,

“I don’t care, Heather!” Misty’s voice was shaking. “I don’t care who knows. The fucking Catholic church has a litany of its own demons!” Misty fumed but tenderly stroked her girlfriend’s ass. “That fucking nun isn’t getting away with this!”

“Misty, listen to me!” Heather’s voice was muffled by the pillow, but the words were plain enough. “Sister Mary wants to see you; she wants you in her office this coming Saturday!”

Misty froze. “What?” Misty stopped stroking Heather’s ass and grabbed her by the hips. She yanked her girlfriend onto her back. “What did you say?”

(more to come)

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