Lesbian Caning and Whipping

Yeah, I figured that title would get your attention. And it’s meant to.

Sister Mary was a real part of my childhood – a nun who whipped us at every infraction. Most times I think she enjoyed spanking our bottoms. She used a cane on the boys. Us girls got a belt, and sometimes a paddle. The little ones were spanked with a ruler.

My latest story, though, takes it a little bit further. I’m sure the Sister enjoyed spanking us in real life, and so I took some liberties in my latest short story. A lot of liberties.

Some of it’s true. Some of it’s not. Some of it is wishing on my part. Once I’ve finished editing the story, you be the judge.  For now … I’m just happy I’ve finished writing!

Lesbian Whipping and threesome

Do you need a Spanking?

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