Sometimes, I just need to be Naughty

Let me say it straight: I like to be spanked, and I like to spank others. As a matter of fact, I love to be spanked! But more than the actual spanking, I love the events that lead up to being pinned firmly over an authoritative knee (OTK!) for an enthusiastic paddling!

You can call me a brat all you like, but for me being a naughty girl makes me appreciate the spanking experience so much more than just getting along. It’s wonderful to switch sometimes, and enter the living room clad only in a long t-shirt and undies. That’s how my girlfriend that I’m ready for her to top for the night. I drape myself over her lap and interrupt her line of thought: “Wouldn’t you like to spank me?” There’s a wicked sparkle in my eye, and I move about provactively.

She knows what’s coming next, and in a mock-serious voice, she replies: “You were naughty today…”

I jump up before she can finish the thought and dash through the house, giggling madly as I lead her on a wild chase that results in my capture in the bedroom. There, with pretend protests, I’m firmly pinned over her lovely thighs and my panties are taken down for a fabulous bare-bottomed spanking, indescribably heightened by the adrenaline rush of the chase!

I’m delirious with my relationship, as we can switch as need be. We both love to role play, and that means that either of us can play the cops or scoutmaster, principals or head coaches. I’ve even played the stern aunt, and given the role of domineering next door neighbor to my lover. Playtime is so much more fun with the joy of an understanding partner who helps to to make my fantasies a reality.

The only time when it’s disappointing is when both of us want to bespanking, corset, bdsm the naughty girl. It’s tough then to get the OTK we crave.

Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing that gives me the urge for a warm bottom. Yeah, I was a Catholic schoolgirl, and the Sister Mary stories are all based on fact. Not everything is true. But there’s enough of what really happened in each tale to remind me of those days and set me to squirming in my seat.

Sometimes, I let my girlfriend pretend to be the sister …

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