The Caning of Misty Day (an excerpt)

Here’s another excerpt from “The Caning of Misty Day.”

“All right, Misty.” Sister Mary leaned forward in her chair. “I’m sure Heather has told you why I wanted to see you here today.”

Misty stammered and locked eyes momentarily with the nun. “Um. Well. Not really. I don’t-”

Sister Mary waved a hand. “You know as well as I do what proper behavior should look like on the school campus, and yet you chose to ignore common decency.” Sister Mary’s eyes fairly glowed as she focused on Misty. “You acted the whore in these hallways, encouraging other students to act the same as you.”

Misty dropped her eyes, but she didn’t acknowledge the nun’s accusations. “No ma’am,” she said. “I didn’t encourage anyone to do anything!” Misty felt her anger grow.

The Caning of Misty Day: A Lesbian Threesome of Spanking and Sex

The Caning of Misty Day: A Lesbian Threesome of Spanking and Sex

“Then how is it that every student in this school looks to you for approval?” Sister Mary asked. “Certainly you’re aware of students currying your favor, seeking your good will?”

Heather tried to break in, to defend her girlfriend: “That’s not fair, Sister Mary!” Heather began. “Misty can’t-”

Sister Mary turned her violently, beautiful blue eyes on Heather. The girl stammered to a stop. Without looking at Misty, the Mother Superior continued: “The children look up to you, and you cheapen yourself in my hallways, Misty.” Sister Mary’s glare forced Heather to drop her head. The nun returned her gaze to Misty. “How do you explain yourself?”

Misty felt her bravado fading. Inwardly, Misty knew that the nun had called it correctly. She was the top of the heap in school, and been since grade school, when her breasts budded well before any other girl in her class. Every student wanted to be in her clique, wanted her acknowledgement. Misty knew that she was cool – that every straight boy and gay girl in that school wanted to fuck her – would do anything she asked at any time. Hell, most of the time Misty didn’t even have to ask: Kids were always trying to suck up to Misty and Heather.

“Public displays of affection,” the nun said, glaring at Misty “are discouraged in this school. I’ve seen you and Heather groping one another the hallways. You’d think this school was your private bedroom, given the way the two of hug and kiss.” The nun’s eyes never left Misty’s face, and they took on a strange glittering. “You put your hands on Heather in ways that are inappropriate in school.” Misty looked up and her eyes goggled at the nun.  “You’re practically fucking your girlfriend on school grounds.”

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