A Therapeutic Spanking


Alice (Photo credit: Danny PiG)

by Alice Dark

It was another silent dinner. I could hear the hum of the refrigerator as it kicked on and off; a neighbor’s dog barked; somewhere, a car alarm sounded. But across our table, there was no conversation. Her eyes were hot with questions, but she didn’t speak a word. I kept my eyes on the mashed potatoes as I pushed them around my plate. I hate a silent dinner. My heart hurts, yet I don’t speak. Instead, I sit and stare at the plate, thinking about what I want to tell her.

I need you … I feel lost … Why are you staring at me … Please put your arms around me and tell me that it will be okay … Tell me you love me …

These words swirl in my mind, and I look up gradually from my plate with a thousand-mile stare. With this, she’s had enough. She stands up from her chair and grabs my hand.

“Alice, where are you? What’s wrong?”

The answering scream is in my head, and other than her words, the silence continues. Hold me … I need you … You know what I need …

She turns my chair so that I face her, and lifts my head with a finger under my chin.

“Alice. What’s happening?”

I don’t answer. I feel trapped. I hear her, but it’s as though she’s miles away.

“Alice.” I hear the concern in her voice. “I’m not sure I know what’s wrong, but we’ve talked about this before. You told me then that a spanking sometimes brings you out of this catatonia. Is that still true?” She looks hard into my eyes, but I feel like her head is transparent as glass, and that I’m looking through her. I feel number, but manage a slow nod.

She takes my hand and leads me toward our bedroom. I follow with slow steps; It’s as though I’m surrounded by a fog. She draws me close as settles herself on the bed and gently guides me over her lap. She puts a pillow under my cheek. The wall across from me is like my trance: blank and white. I am vaguely aware of her as she rubs my back and strokes my hair. But I don’t feel the first swat as it lands. I hear the crack. It’s faint and far away, and cushioned by my sweat pants.

She lands another and then stops. “This isn’t working, Alice.” I feel her fingers as they hook the stretchy band in my sweats. “I’m taking your pants down to strike your bare skin.”

She doesn’t wait for me to reply as she lifts up my bottom and pulls down my sweats to expose my white panties. She pulls those down, and then starts to smack my bare ass at a fairly steady pace.

It’s only then that I see the fog begin to withdraw. It swirls and retreats, like smoke in an old vampire movie – pulling back until it’s at the edges of my vision. I begin to feel the warmth in my cheeks, though I still don’t distinguish that it’s her hand landing strokes across my ass.

I hear her say that she is going to use the paddle. She tells me to concentrate on the crack of the paddle as it meets my skin. And then I feel the sharp sting as the wood connects with my flesh!

“Ohhh.” The sound is guttural, but it comes from my mouth!

“That’s it, doll,” she says, and whacks my ass again. “Let the words out. Don’t hold back. You’re almost here.”

She squeezes my hand tight in her fist and continues to spank me. “Let it out, doll. You have to let it out. Do you understand me?”

I’m swept away by her words, and finally all of the things I’ve wanted to say come out in a burbling rush: “I love you I need you never leave me I want you o god I love you so much!” I continue to babble, as tears streak my face.

She gradually slows the spanking, puts down the paddle, and turns turns me over to cradle my head in her lap. Sobs shake my body, but I know now that I’m safe, and she leans forward to kiss my lips.

“Welcome back,” she murmurs. “I’ve missed you.”

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