Spanking Tamsin

“I know, Alice. I love you, too.” And then to Alice’s surprise, Tamsin unsnapped her shorts, unzipped them and in one motion lowered them and her panties to her ankles. “Where do you want me for my spanking?” she asked, matter of factly.

Alice quickly covered her surprise, thought for a moment, then said: “At the pool table. Bend over the side and stretch your hands out toward the other side.”

Tamsin immediately shuffled up to the pool table, bent over and stretched out her arms. Alice took up a position to Tamsin’s left.

“You won’t believe this Tamsin.”

Tamsin looked over her shoulder. “What won’t I believe, Alice?”

“I left the paddle in the bedroom.”

Tamsin laughed and said, “I’ll get it.” She pulled her shorts and panties up to about mid-thigh and half-jogged, half-wiggled her way to the bedroom and back. Upon her return, she handed the paddle to Alice with a grin, then turned and lowered her shorts and panties to her ankles, faced the pool table and bent over it again.

Alice held the paddle in her hands and looked at Tamsin. She thought of letting her off with just a warning because of her mature actions, but realized that Tamsin truly expected to be spanked, and that was probably the best thing for her. Alice noted Tamsin’s creamy white bottom cheeks and thought how lovely they would look with a spanking’s blush.

She held the paddle in her left hand and with her right and gave Tamsin’s bottom a good rub and a few light pats. “Are you ready, sweetie?”

Tamsin whispered: “Yes, Alice.”

With that, Alice switched the paddle to her right hand. She placed the flat of the paddle firmly against the center of Tamsin’s bottom. Taking careful aim she brought the paddle back and then sharply down on Tamsin’s creamy buttocks.

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