Getting over the Giggles and Awkward Moments in Spanking

Most of us are not actors. If we were, we’d be off in Hollywood, plying our talents and faces. We’d be in much demand as we swept across the screen, trailing hearts and sighs.

Role playing can help add spice and spanking to your love play

We are not actors, and so our early experiences with spanking can be painfully awkward. We have the fantasy fixed firmly in mind. What happens when and where, how hard or how light, what she’s wearing, how her skin feels. In our mind, everything is perfect: mood, setting and partner.

Unfortunately, the first few times of spanking our partners – or receiving a spanking – are rarely so perfect. The spanking could be too hard, too slow, too light or too fast. If it’s not how we pictured it, the spanking is wrong, and the scene feels wrong. In addition, because we’re not actors, we can either get the giggles, or play the part all too serious.

Spanking is role playing. That means learning your part and sinking into the role becoming the person you want to be. You want the imagery and energy of the scene to take you and your partner to happy place. But that takes time and practices, just like any other part. Don’t be disappointed if your first few spankings don’t work out that way.

Spanking isn’t the main event. Learning to role play is what’s important. For you (and for me!), role play is often the foreplay that we enjoy – that we crave – in advance of more intimate relations. Role play (and spanking!) doesn’t always end in sex, but it can. Learning the level and type of role play that you both enjoy will help you reach those happy places that you want to find.

There’s magic in perfecting your role as the spanker or spankee. Through role playing, you and your partner can explore the lives of dozens of people: naughty parishioner and wicked nun; scolding parent and repentant young woman; the new sheriff in town and the bad girl.

It might give you the giggles early in your play, but role playing gets easier as you learn your part.

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8 responses to “Getting over the Giggles and Awkward Moments in Spanking

  1. So true . . . as I’ve found (to my delight) your posts always are!!

  2. Why shouldn’t one giggle? Spanking is supposed to be fun, right?

    • I see what you mean, Cara. It is, after all, play time!

      But I’m thinking more of the embarrassed laugh that accompanies the unsure. We should enjoy ourselves and not let uncertainty and fear creep into our lovemaking. That’s the point I’m aiming at.

  3. reneeroseauthor

    I think if I tried to top I’d be in serious danger of a giggle fit…

  4. I think that people take themselves way too seriously both in and out of bed sometimes. I cracked up the first time someone asked me to spank him, but I think that the ability to laugh with someone and not feel self-conscious can sometimes lead to the best sex.

  5. Thank you for linking me in this post I really appreciate it.

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