Yes, I Masturbate when I Write

know that seems an odd title, and an even stranger admission. I do, after all, have a girlfriend. And we play many of the games that I write about. The sex between us is good. Our play time is … well … we enjoy our role playing!

So why do I masturbate?

That’s the thermomenter I use when I write. My needs define the hot, warm and downright cold.

The in-between times in the story – the non-sex parts – have to be good. No coldness allowed. I must be satisfied with the writing. It needs to be smooth and flowing, like my skin. And the sex parts? *heh* Ah, my darlings. They need to be hot. Real hot. When I set the scene and write the words, I must in my own mind be compelled to touch myself. (I can’t say that without thinking about the classic from the Divinyls!)

I know. I don’t have touch myself. Instead of masturbating, my girlfriend and I could act out the scene and take of business. Sometimes we do. But when that happens, it interupts the writing process! By alleviating my need for orgasm, I find myself too relaxed and drowsy to up and writing!

So instead, during that time of day or night when I’m writing, I need to bring myself to the edge, and then deny it … at least for a while. That helps me turn up the heat on the sex scenes.

And now, since all of you have been good, I’ll share with you some of the Latex images that my girlfriend and I enjoy. Yes. We’re visual. And yes. We love Latex!

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5 responses to “Yes, I Masturbate when I Write

  1. reneeroseauthor

    Me too! I figure if I didn’t get off, then it wasn’t good enough writing… 🙂

  2. Got a visual. Right now I’m rubbing my eyes.

  3. People equate sex and masturbation too much. Like if you’re masturbating then it is because you’re not getting enough sex. The reality of it (at least for me) is that when my wife and I are having sex more regularly, I am also prone to more regular masturbation. It isn’t a case of one vs. the other. I think the one enhances the need for the other.

    And that doesn’t even touch on the importance of desire when it comes to writing erotica.

  4. Great post! I don’t masturbate while writing, but definitely after, as I think about what I’ve written. I figure if I don’t find what I write exciting, it’s not working that well.

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