Spanking Fragment from Strangeland

(the following is a story fragment smuggled out a foreign country)

…What the nurse did next filled me with fear. There was a bin against the wall filled with items that at first I didn’t recognize, though I could see that each was frightful in appearance. From the lowest shelf of the bin, the nurse produced a harness of leather and steel whose purpose at first baffled me. In my mind, I tried to work out the odd curves and smooth edges of the device. For a few moments, it refused to clarify, then, to my horror I saw the contraption clearly for what it was: The infernal device is a chastity belt of ferocious design! It was made up of a wide belt of padded leather attached by thick buckles to a concave cup of steel.

The nurse held it up higher, and I could see clearly that the cup was specifically designed to fit snugly over a young woman’s pussy.

I looked around in horror at the women I was grouped with. All of us shrank back at the sight, but just as our clothing had been taken from us, so too had the gates had been closed firmly against our escape!

The nurse produced another belt from the bin and then motioned at two women in the group, calling them to the center of the room. They clutched one another, naked and shivering, and stumbled forward, crying. The nurse motioned them to silence, and then knelt to put the belts onto the women. I could hear the girls’ whimpers as the nurse touched their legs and pushed the cold steel of the cup against their loins. One by one, the nurse closed the buckles and then snapped the locks into place to ensure the young women’s chastity.

Next, she motioned to me. I was wary, but slowly walked forward. The nurse bent and took out another belt from the bin. The belt of the harness was nearly four inches wide, and when she snapped it around my waist, it covered my belly button. But it wasn’t uncomfortable. The leather belt of the harness and the steel cup that covered my pussy were both padded with a purple velvet and a gray foam rubber that gave the device a measure of comfort. In addition, the cup didn’t fit as closely as I thought it would. There was room between the padding and my pussy; nothing could touch it, not even me.

The one truly discomfiting piece of the chastity belt was a cold chain of steel, fastened at the bottom of the cup and drawn up between the crack of my ass to the to the back of the wide belt. The nurse looked up into my eyes as she clicked the lock with one had, while patting my ass with the other. I glared back at her.

Once all of the women were locked into the belts, the gate behind us opened again. Several guards joined the nurse to herd us out the gate and into an open courtyard. There were hundreds of girls in the yard, and for such a large assemblage, they were strangely quiet. There was a murmuring – a giggling – but no voices were raised in either greeting or warning.

As I followed the other women into the courtyard, I found that it was an amphitheater on the side of a hill overlooking mountaintops rising out of the surrounding clouds as though they were craggy islands in a vast and foamy sea. Atop each of the mountains was a rising of towers surrounding similar amphitheaters. Inside those amphitheaters were stages lined with people, many of them naked.

Our own theater was a half circle of seats that were much like church pews. The backs were straight, and the seats were hard, but there was a padded knee rests in front of each seat.

When our group had fully entered the courtyard, a merry chattering spread through the crowd. It was an odd mixture of prisoners and guards, and the fraternity between the two perplexed me. We prisoners began to take our seats. Surrounding us in the higher benches were the guards. They were all female, and there nearly as many of them as there are inmates. As we sat down – a bit uncomfortably in our chastity belts – the guards engaged many of the prisoners, kissing, teasing and joking with them.

I took my seat next to one of the women who had been belted ahead of me. We were at the front of the circle. In front of us, a tall, woman with clear skin, violet eyes and long black hair pulled into a pony tail, stood to address the crowd. She wore knee-length leather boots, a short skirt and white blouse and a single gold chain around her neck. She was beautiful, but I knew her to be the leader in this prison. She had an aura of authority!

She raised her hands and began to speak in that odd liquid speech that I couldn’t understand, but found enthralling. She didn’t raise her voice beyond that necessary, and she took all of us in — guards and prisoners alike — with sweeping gesture.

Then, with a word and a wave, she dropped to one knee and began to pray; the entire assemblage followed her lead. I knelt along with her and the crowd. I was swept away by the ceremony of the gathering, and the beauty of the leader.

Eventually, the prayer ended. We looked up, and suddenly a guard appeared to my right. The women next to me, along with four others, were led to the edge of the courtyard. They are naked, but for their belts, and I see the flicker of the gold chain winking in their butt cracks. Their girls necks and shoulders are red, and I know that they are embarrassed to be singled out in front of the crowd.

The leader waves a hand, and as one, clasp their hands behind their heads. Then they turn, heads held high and facing us. The leader addresses each of them individually – again in those liquid tones. She touches her lips to each of theirs, as though in salute. At the end of it, the five girls speak at the same time, as though with one voice. Their statement is synchronized and succinct.

Behind them, five guards appear. Each of the guards has a light wooden paddle. I am the only one in the theater to gasp. Everyone else seems frozen for a moment, staring straight ahead. The tension in the amphitheater seemed unbearable, and then the guards raised their paddles.

The leader whispers.

CRACK! Five paddles strike those beautiful bare behinds! The crowd gasps as do the five girls.


My eyes are glued to the woman in front of me. Beside me, however, another woman groans.


I look away for just a second, and in that moment I see the prisoner next to me. She’s groaning, and her hands are pressed hard against the steel of the chastity belt! I glare at her and whisper, “What the hell are you doing?” I knew that certainly she couldn’t understand my language, but she had to know what I meant!


The girl stuck out her tongue at me, and only then did I realize that my own hands had wandered, and my fingers were struggling futilely with the chastity belt…

(the fragment ends here)

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3 responses to “Spanking Fragment from Strangeland

  1. Wow! Would like to see the rest of this! LOL. Great writing.

  2. It’s like a sexy Handmaid’s Tale. Yikes. 😉

  3. Nice! I just recently discovered you! I like the way you write.

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