There’s a Tattle Tail in my Midst

So sick for so long. But I’m finally back on my feet, so to speak. I spent several days (and nights) in the hospital, and there are two good words to describe my illness: explosive and projectile. I’ve been on a liquid diet to replace what I lost. And my girl is taking care of me.


Alice (Photo credit: Danny PiG)

I’ve been too tired to type (too tired to even look!), and slept through much of what’s happened over the last few days. You must tell me; must bring me up to date. I know that I’ve missed so much!

I owe all of you. I know that. Soon, my dears. I’ll catch up soon. But for now, I need a bit more rest. I’m home, but I’ve been threatened with a hospital bed once again if I don’t spend most of this week resting.

And there’s a tattle tail in my midst. (She is so in trouble when I’m 100%!)

So I’m off to sleep for a bit. More when I can.

Love to all


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6 responses to “There’s a Tattle Tail in my Midst

  1. So sorry you had to go through that, and glad to hear you’re on the mend.

  2. Ugh. I hate being sick. I hope you’re feeling better. Angie

  3. oh, sugar! I was wondering if you were still sick. I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Best wishes from me too!!!
    Hope you will soon be back to 100% strength and “strapping” fit!!!

  6. Sorry to hear you were so sick, Alice! I hope you make a full recovery soon:)

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