Natalie Gets a Spanking

I was working on this story when I got sick. Now it’s time to get back to writing naughty things!

The morning had not gotten off to a good start for Natalie and had only gotten worse as the day progressed.

Firstly, her alarm clock had failed to ring, and Natalie woke up nearly an hour late for work. Then, as she was showering, she nicked her well defined legs while shaving and would not be able to wear hose to work. Instead, she would wear ankle socks, and her bare legs would feel the chill all day long.

Then it was the actual showing up for work and attempting to dodge her boss, Alexander Drummond. While Natalie had been successful in her first task, she had dropped a tray of meals on the way out of the kitchen that morning, smashing the plates and glasses, and ruining the food for five people.

Natalie knew that Mr. Drummond would not be pleased with her clumsiness, and now she had been summoned to see him. Mr. Drummond was a miserable man at the best of times, and he ran his cafe like a lord runs his castle: Alex Drummond was not a man to lightly forgive infractions and gaffs.

She took off her server’s apron and cut through the kitchen to the back office. She trembled a bit before knocking softly on the door. It was open just a crack. Raising her voice just above a whisper, Natalie called out: “Mr. Drummond – you wanted to see me?”
Alex cleared his throat. “Yes, Natalie. Come in.”

Natalie pushed the door open and slipped into the office. She started to sit at a chair that was backed against the wall, but Alex stopped her.

“There’s no need to sit,” he said, motioning for her to stand in front of his desk. “You and I need to speak. Can you think why?”

“Well, Mr. Drummond…” Natalie’s voice trailed off. She looked at the floor, allowing her hair to fall in front of her face. She spoke softly and ran her words together: “I’m really sorry about the plates. It’s just that as I pushed the door open to the kitchen, a customer almost walked into me, and I had to swerve to avoid him. And….”

Alex interrupted the girl. “Three hundred dollars,” he said, enunciating each word carefully. “And that’s without the cost of the plates.”

Natalie looked up quickly. She wrung her hands in front of her chest and pressed them against her breasts. “It was an accident,” she pleaded. “That’s the first time anything like that has ever happened!” Natalie let voice rise just a notch as she emphasized her point.

Alex narrowed his gaze on the girl. “I see,” he said. He shuffled a few papers on his desk without taking his eyes off the girl’s face. “Isn’t there something else you should talk to me about?”

Natalie froze. Her face went white, and she knew that she had not been successful in sneaking into the kitchen that morning. Natalie bit her bottom lip before speaking. “Umm…”

(More to come when I finish this one!)

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  1. oh, that’s hot! Can’t wait to read the rest:)

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