A Spanking Memory from my Ill-Spent Youth

The Mother Superior seats herself on a nearby chair and draws me to her. Her fingers raise the hem of my skirt and then she pulls down my panties and thick hose to my ankles. She bends me across her knee for my first spanking ever in the church, the one I have dreaded since joining the congregation.

Her hand slaps across my bottom as she says, “There, Alice! (SMACK) I don’t like (SMACK) to have to spank you like this (SMACK) but you just can’t (SMACK) do things like (SMACK) that (SMACK) The Lord sees what you do (SMACK) (SMACK) (SMACK). So I am going to spank you (SMACK)(SMACK), and it is going to be (SMACK) (SMACK) a very hard spanking (SMACK)(SMACK), until you understand why you can’t do (SMACK) (SMACK) that anymore! (SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK)”

Erotic Books and Stories by Alice Dark

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