Natalie Gets Naked for her Spanking

“Wha-what?” Natalie clutched herself around the middle.

Natalie Gets a Spanking

“No arguments. No questions. You agreed to take the spanking, and you agreed to all of my conditions. Now is not the time to argue.” Alex leaned back in his chair. He was angry. “Take off your clothes now.”

“Please, Mr. Drummond!”

Alex withdrew a cell phone from his shirt pocket. “Both your parents and the police are on speed dial,” he said. Alex’s voice was low, and there wasn’t a hint of compassion in the words. “The longer you wait to take off your clothes, the more severe the spanking.”

Trembling, Natalie started to strip off. She pulled her tiny dress down over her slim hips, and stood shaking for a moment in the silver body stocking. Now that her dress was off, the faint outline of her panties and showed against the stocking.

“Get on with it, Natalie. Everything.”

“Mr. Drummond?” Natalie crossed her arms over her breasts and bowed her head.

“Get that body stocking off, now. Your bra and panties, too.” Alex set his lips tightly. “Sixty seconds, Natalie. That’s all the time you have to get the rest of your clothes off.”

Natalie jerked her head up and down as though it was strung on a puppet’s on a string. She pulled off the body stocking, then straightened to unfasten her bra. This forced Natalie to arch her back as she reached one handed for the snap. Natalie was ashamed, and her entire body blushed as her bra fell to the floor, and Alex’s eyes grew wide.

“Panties, too,” he said.

She had no choice at this point but to slip out of her panties as well. She dropped them to the floor alongside of her other clothes, and tried as best as she could to cover her nudity. Alex licked his lips and stared at Natalie.

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“Hands by your side,” he said.

She winced, knowing that she couldn’t disobey Alex without severe repercussions. She dropped her hands to her sides, and then stood stiffly, as though she were a young officer standing at attention.

She was completely exposed.

Alex took the time to admire the young girl’s body. Natalie had slim hips and waist, and was blond with large breasts and dark nipples. She stood 5 foot 8 inches tall and had a flawless complexion. Natalie’s pubic thatch was a delightful triangle, well trimmed but generous. Alex turned his hungry gaze upon her face and smiled. “Beautiful,” he thought. “Clumsy, but beautiful.

Alex shook himself free of his reverie. “Now then,” he said, leaning forward. “We need to come to an agreement about your punishment. I’ve already decided that you will lay across my lap, and I will spank you with my bare hand.” Alex ignored the girl’s sudden gasp of breath. “All we need to do at this point, is decide how many times I will spank you. Do you understand me?”

Natalie no longer stood ramrod stiff, but she kept her hands pinned firmly to her sides. She was horrified! “You’re going to spank me,” she stammered. “With your hand?”

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  1. I don’t blame you for choosing Natalie Portman. Ever since I saw her in The Professional I’ve wanted to cast her in one of my stories.

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