Natalie Gets a Spanking – Cover Art

I like this cover more than most, though it doesn’t match Natalie’s outfit exactly as I described it

Natalie Gets a Spanking

Natalie Gets a Spanking

in the story. In Natalie Gets a Spanking, Natalie wears a body stocking to work, but I like to think that these shorts are something she would wear when she’s off work; I would certainly wear them, and I know my girlfriend would appreciate my ass all the more!

But this cover describes Natalie so very well. She has a nice round ass, that’s perfect for spanking. Even now, I can imagine this girl naked and across my knee, her pert, round bottom presented for the red swats! I would make her scream with delight! (until Sofia caught me, and then I’d get a spanking of my own!)

Anyway. Natalie Gets a Spanking is finally finished. Have a look. It’s a delicious read, and I found myself wiggling in my seat at several points while writing the story. I’m not typically a M/f writer, but I enjoyed this one.

And later, when I had finished writing the story, I took that enjoyment out on my girlfriend’s bottom … but that’s a story for later.

Alice Dark

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3 responses to “Natalie Gets a Spanking – Cover Art

  1. I’ve never spanked a girl before, but I think it would be fun.

  2. Love the cover! Looks like a fun story too. Love boss/employee interactions.

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