Mom Gives Kaylee the Spanking She Deserves

I’m working on a new story. Let me know what you think of this direction and style!

Kaylee could not keep herself out of trouble. For 18 years, she had been spanked by her parents and the nuns at Catholic school on an almost weekly basis for one reason or another. O, there was no doubt in Kaylee’s mind that she had earned each and every one

Bad Girls need Spankings

of those thrashings. Kaylee was a famous liar, who had told tales sweet and tall to everyone from children to grandparents. She was also a thief of small things and nicked lipsticks from the local department stores more times than she could count. To school, Kaylee had worn the clothing had forbidden her, and the nuns whipped her bottom raw every time she showed up for school in something other than a uniform. She was friends with every no-good kid for miles around and would lead them from one mischievous deed to another – never outright harmful, but the kind of pranks that cost people and towns lots of money. Indeed, Kaylee was more often than not held up by parents and the parish priest as a bad example to other children: “Don’t follow Kaylee,” was a common refrain in the neighbourhood. “She’s a bad seed.”

But Kaylee thought she had left all of that behind when she began her freshman year at the local community college. It was a new life; a new dawn, and Kaylee looked forward to a reputation clear of spots and blemishes. Certainly, Kaylee lived at home to save money, and there was the real problem: She was still on the receiving end of spankings!

“It’s so unfair!” Kaylee fumed. “And these spankings are worse than before!” Kaylee rubbed her bottom; it was still blistered and sore, and thought back over the last 24 hours. “What could I have done differently?” she thought. Kaylee wasn’t trying to change her ways. Rather, she wondered how could have gotten away with it.

Sure, taking her father’s car while he was away on a business trip had probably not been one of her best ideas. “Or maybe it was,” Kaylee mused. “If only Mom hadn’t found out.”

That was the second real problem; Mom didn’t know that Kaylee had taken the car. Not that it really mattered. Had Kaylee asked her mother for the car, the answer would have been a resounding, “No.” Kaylee was 18 years old, and still her parents didn’t trust her with the car. She had to take the city bus back and forth to school, and she’d only been behind the wheel of her father’s car on a couple of occasions.

But that, Kaylee felt, was enough for her take the car without asking and meet her friends friends downtown to check out the hot guys. It was a game for the girls; they would sit giggling in a booth at the diner on Fourth Street, and try to guess the size of a boy’s penis by the length of his hands.

“O my!” Kaylee exclaimed quietly, thinking back to the foreign exchange student. He was a tall, blond boy, muscular and somewhat stern looking. But he had the most amazing hands – Kaylee figured the span between the tip of his middle finger and the base of his palm to be at least a foot long. “Beautiful,” she murmured, thinking about how long and thick his penis could be.

Kaylee was sure the boy liked her. He smiled at her whenever he looked in her direction. “What was his name again?” she wondered. “Kurt, or Stuart, or something like that!” It didn’t matter. The boy was cute, and his family had to have money to send him to school so far away. Kaylee tried to remember which country he’d come from, but gave it up. She rubbed her bottom again, and shifted her thoughts back to figuring a way to steer clear of spankings.

Her mother hadn’t been home when Kaylee took the car. “Hmm,” Kaylee thought. “Maybe I should have paid more attention to where she went?

Not that it mattered. Kaylee’s mother could have been gone for days, and the girl would still have been caught for taking the car.

“That damn traffic ticket,” Kaylee muttered. “Stupid cop. He could have just let me go!”

(More to come when it’s finished, but hit the comment button below to let me know what you think!)

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3 responses to “Mom Gives Kaylee the Spanking She Deserves

  1. It sounds like she is in line for yet more spankings! Naughty girl. 🙂

  2. I like this. I haven’t been reading your other writings, so I can’t compare the style or direction to your other work, but in terms of spanking stories, this has an engaging story, an endearing main character, and has some really key spanko elements in it. I love your emphasis on the soreness of her bottom and the rubbing.

    As a reader, I’m interested in learning more about her and why she makes these choices that get her punished. I’m also interested in what those who spank her are thinking as well.

    Good stuff 🙂

    • Thanks, Quai. I’m having a lot of fun with this story, and Kaylee — while a sweet child deep down — is still bratty. She needs her punishment. And I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t how it starts for many of the spanko fans. I’ve more thinking and writing to do. Thanks for stopping by!

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