Kaylee Gets the Spanking She Deserves

I’m working on a new story. Let me know what you think of this direction and style!

The footsteps stopped in the hallway outside of Kaylee’s door. Slowly, it  pushed open. Kaylee’s mother entered.

“O my.” The words slipped out Kaylee’s mouth as a frightened murmur: Her mother held a hairbrush, and given the circumstances, that could mean only one thing. “Please, Mom. Don’t!”

Kaylee’s mother sat down beside her daughter on the bed. She began talking about the things Kaylee had done wrong that day: the car; the ticket; and even though she was allowed to wear jeans to school, Kaylee’s mother mentioned them as a well. All the while, she patted one hand with the hairbrush. And though she  kept her voice low, it was intense. Kaylee’s mother was clearly angry!

Bad Girls need Spankings

The scolding was harsh. “No boy is worth what you’ve done,” her mother said. “And no matter what you think, accidents do happen.” Kaylee’s mother raised a finger as her daughter opened her mouth to speak. “Don’t say a word except ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘No ma’am.’ Is that clear?”

Kaylee closed her mouth and nodded. She recognized her mother’s mood and knew better than to argue or try to get out of a spanking.

Kaylee’s mother continued berating her child, and Kaylee bobbed at the correct moments, mouthed pleas for forgiveness, and offered promises that she would never do anything like this again. Eventually, Kaylee’s mother ran out of words, but her gaze was still steely with anger.

“Get up,” her mother said, motioning. “Stand up now, and take off your jeans.”

Kaylee gasped! “But, Mom!”

“No buts! Get your jeans off now!”

“That’s when I should have left,” Kaylee thought, rubbing her still stinging backside. “When my Mom told me to take off my pants, I should have left!”

But of course, Kaylee didn’t leave. She couldn’t. Kaylee had to stay and face her punishment. She stood trembling and her shaking fingers fumbled with the button and fly to her jeans. Kaylee’s mother had always spanked Kaylee through a dress or jeans!

“Mom, please…” Kaylee’s words trailed off when she saw the determination in her mother’s eyes. Kaylee kicked herself free of her jeans.

(More to come when it’s finished, but hit the comment button below to let me know what you think!)

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