Kaylee Deserves a Spanking

Kaylee could not keep herself out of trouble. For 18 years, she had been spanked by her parents on an almost weekly basis for one reason or another. O, there was no doubt in Kaylee’s mind that she had earned each and every one of those thrashings. Kaylee was a famous liar, who had told tales sweet and tall to everyone from children to grandparents. She was also a thief of small things and nicked lipsticks, compacts and other make-ups from the local department stores more times than she could count. To school, Kaylee had worn the clothing that had been forbidden to her, and the nuns whipped her bottom raw every time she showed up for school in something other than a uniform. After school, she had to come home to face her parents for yet another spanking.

Kaylee was friends with every bad kid for miles around and

Kaylee is a bad girl who deserves a spanking!

would lead them from one mischievous deed to another – never outright harmful, but Kaylee led the neighborhood kids to pull the kinds of pranks that cost people and towns lots of money. Indeed, Kaylee was more often than not held up by parents, police and the parish priest as a bad example to other children: “Don’t follow Kaylee,” was a common refrain in the neighborhood. “She’s a bad seed.”

But Kaylee thought she left all of that behind when she began her freshman year at the local community college. It was a new life; a new dawn, and Kaylee looked forward to a reputation clear of spots and blemishes. Certainly, Kaylee lived at home to save money, and that was where the real problem was: Kaylee was still on the receiving end of spankings!

“It’s so unfair!” she fumed. “And these spankings are worse than before!” Kaylee rubbed her bottom; it was still blistered and sore. As she rubbed, Kaylee thought back over the last 24 hours. “What could I have done differently?” she wondered. Not that Kaylee wasn’t really trying to change her ways. Rather, she was wondering how could have gotten away with it.

Sure, taking her father’s car while he was away on a business trip had probably not been one of her best ideas. “Or maybe it was,” Kaylee mused. “If only Mom hadn’t found out.”

That was the second real problem; Mom wasn’t home when Kaylee took the car, and so she hadn’t been aware – until later. Not that it really mattered. Had Kaylee asked her mother for the car, the answer would have been a resounding, “No.” Kaylee was 18 years old, and her parents still didn’t trust her take the car by herself. She had to take the city bus back and forth to school, and Kaylee had only been behind the wheel of her father’s car on a couple of occasions.

But that, Kaylee felt, was enough for her take the car without asking. She and her friends planned to head downtown for sodas, and to check out hot guys. It was a game for the girls; they would sit in a booth giggling at the Red Spot Diner on Fourth Street where they would try to guess the size of a boy’s penis by the length of his hands.

O my!” Kaylee exclaimed quietly, thinking back to the foreign exchange student. He was a tall, dark-haired boy, muscular and somewhat stern looking. But he had the most amazing hands – Kaylee figured the span between the tip of his middle finger and the base of his palm to be almost a foot long. “Beautiful,” she murmured, thinking about how long and thick his penis could be.

Kaylee was sure the boy liked her. He smiled at her whenever he looked in her direction. “What was his name again?” she wondered. “Kurt, or Stuart, or something like that!” It didn’t matter. The boy was cute, and his family had to have money to send him to school so far away. Kaylee tried to remember which country he’d come from, but gave it up. She rubbed her bottom again, and shifted her thoughts back to figuring a way to steer clear of spankings.

Her mother hadn’t been home when Kaylee took the car. “Hmm,” Kaylee thought. “Maybe I should have paid more attention to where she went?

Not that it mattered. Kaylee’s mother could have been gone for days, and the girl would still have been caught for taking the car.

That damn traffic ticket,” Kaylee muttered. “Stupid cop. He could have just let me go!”

Kaylee was no more than a couple of blocks from her home with the misappropriated vehicle when disaster struck. Kaylee wasn’t paying close attention, and she rolled through a 4-way stop sign. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but there was a cop already stopped at the intersection. He was just pulling forward, when Kaylee and her vehicle barged into the intersection.

The cop slammed on his brakes and made a big deal of whooping his siren which alerted the entire neighborhood to Kaylee’s misdeed. Most of her neighbors peeked out their doors, or pulled back window curtains to stare at Kaylee as she stood illuminated in the police car’s revolving red light; her head was bowed as the cop lectured her.

Later Kaylee found out that whatever car is on the right hand side of a 4-way stop automatically has the right-of-way, especially if it’s a police car. She hadn’t known that traffic rule before that evening; or if she did, Kaylee didn’t pay attention.

Kaylee argued with the cop; pleaded with him; threatened him; and even suggested that he was less than a man if he wasn’t willing to take out whatever ticket he was going to give her in trade. The latter offer netted Kaylee a frown from the cop and a stern warning. “Be careful, missy,” he said. “If you keep up this way, you’re going to get exactly what you deserve.”

She saw the cop speak lowly into the walkie-talkie that he wore on his shoulder, and Kaylee was certain that she heard her mother’s name mentioned. The cop turned and strode back to his car.

Behind his back, Kaylee crumpled up the ticker and jammed it into her pocket before she stuck out her tongue. Her friends, who were still in the car, laughed out loud making a ruckus, and that egged Kaylee on. She parodied the cop’s wide stance and stride as he made his way back to his patrol car. This time when his walkie-talkie crackled, Kaylee was sure that she heard her mother’s name crackling through the static.

But that didn’t stop her from mocking the cop. All that mattered to Kaylee was that he had embarrassed in her front of the entire neighborhood! She strutted, she preened and made gestures behind the cop’s back.

And then she heard the bring-bring-bring of her cell phone. Kaylee stopped in mid-gesture and turned to her father’s car. Her friends had stopped laughing. All of them turned to the driver’s seat, where Kaylee had left her phone.

I shouldn’t have answered the phone!” Kaylee thought. “It could only have been trouble. I knew that!”

But Kaylee did answer the phone. She had walked slowly to the car and extended her hand. Through the driver’s side window, one of her friends thrust her the ringing phone.

Behind her, the police car’s outside speaker crackled. Kaylee whirled around with the phone in her hand. She could make out the cop speaking into the police car’s transceiver. “You get on home, Kaylee,” he said, and then winked at her. The cop put down the microphone. Through the windshield, Kaylee could see that he was smiling wickedly.


Kaylee had her cell phone set for an old-fashioned ring tone. Now she regretted that choice as she stared at the sharply ringing instrument in her hand. The cop turned off his revolving red lights and started his car. His wheels made a crunching sound as he drove passed her, heading back into town. Kaylee was sure this time that the cop winked at her again as he drove across the intersection. Certainly, he tipped his hat and gave her an evil smile!

She looked at the phone ringing and vibrating in her hand. She thumbed the receiver and answered with a tentative: “Hello?”

“Where the hell are you? Goddammit, Kaylee! What the hell do you think you’re doing? You get your ass home right now!”

The voice was the same one that Kaylee was sure had crackled over the cop’s walkie-talkie. It was her mother, and she was someone who rarely swore. That her mother was cursing so vehemently told Kaylee that her mom was angry. Kaylee held the phone away from her ear. She looked at it forlornly. “Trouble, dammit.” Kaylee stood in the street staring at the phone that buzzed with her mother’s angry screams. “I’m in so much fucking trouble.”

Around her, little kids came out of their homes to stare at Kaylee and her father’s car still parked in the middle of the intersection.

“Kay-lee’s in trouble, Kay-lee’s in trouble,” sang one little boy. A little girl joined the chant, and soon there were several of the little street urchins, all singing: “Kay-lee’s in trouble.”

“You fucking little brats!” Kaylee shouted. She threw her phone to the pavement, and it exploded into tiny pieces of plastic and circuits. “You fucking shut-up! Every fucking one of you!”

As a group, the children’s eyes got wide, and they mouthed a silent “O” in unison as Kaylee cursed and screamed. They backed up a few steps and stood silent for a moment. Then the little girl who had joined the sing-song earlier started it all over again: “Kay-lee’s in trouble, Kay-lee’s in trouble.”

“Shit-shit-shit!” Kaylee swore as she stomped over to her father’s car. “Get out!” she screamed at her friends inside the vehicle. “I’ve fucking got to go fucking home, and I don’t need any of you there!” Kaylee was pouting and angry. She kicked at the pavement and sulked until her friends scrambled out of the car. Then she opened the driver’s side door and slipped into the seat.

“Shit!” she swore again, and slapped at the steering wheel.

If I just hadn’t gone home!” Kaylee thought. “I could have taken the car and driven to the next state by now!” Kaylee rubbed her ass ruefully, knowing that wasn’t really an option. She needed her parents, even if they spanked her for her misdeeds. She needed them, and she knew it.

So Kaylee had carefully turned her father’s car around and driven the short distance home. Kaylee knew that she had a lot to explain to her mother: taking the car without permission, and a traffic ticket that Kaylee was sure would be paid out of her allowance for the next several weeks. She tried practicing several times before arriving at her home. But nothing sounded quite right.

When Kaylee pulled into the driveway, she saw her mother standing on the front porch. The older woman waited until she was sure that Kaylee saw her, then gestured her inside the the house. Her mother turned and walked into the house to wait for her daughter. At that moment, Kaylee knew her mother was furious; she hadn’t waited for her on the porch.

Kaylee got out of the car and walked like a doomed prisoner to the house. She mounted the steps to the front door, and then went inside the house. Her mother waited just with her arms crossed, looking like vengeance made flesh.

Kaylee didn’t wait for her mother to speak. “But Mom, there’s this really cute boy that I want to meet so bad, and I’m sure he’s the right one for me, and he was at the diner, and I wanted to meet him before he leaves. Please, Mom! Don’t tell Dad. Please, Mom!” The rush of words were strung together almost as though they were a single thought.

If Kaylee’s mother was at all sympathetic to her daughter’s pleas, she didn’t let it show. “You took your father’s car without asking! You got a ticket, and you could have been in an accident!”

That was just like her mother; to escalate the situation beyond what really happened to what might have happened: It was just a traffic ticket!

“I didn’t have an accident!” Kaylee snapped. “M-om! Why do you have to be so dramatic?” Kaylee tried to storm off, but her mother grabbed her wrist.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Out, Mom. If you’re going to-”

That’s as far as Kaylee got before her mother snatched her back. She put her face close to Kaylee’s, and said sharply: “Young lady, I have had enough!”

Kaylee opened her mouth soundlessly, and then closed it.

“Get upstairs to your room and wait for me!” Her mother’s voice was low and fierce. “Not a word!” she admonished, shaking her finger in Kaylee’s face. “You think about what you’ve done while you wait for me!”

I should have snuck out the window, instead of waiting for my Mom!” Kaylee muttered, touching her still sore backside. Again, she was kidding herself. Kaylee could no more sneak out of the house than she could fly. She had to wait for her mother. There was no other choice.

And so, Kaylee had gone upstairs to her room, where she sat on her bed fidgeting with her fingers until she heard her mother’s footsteps on the stairs. The stairs creaked and groaned under her mother’s purposeful and steady stride. Kaylee gulped. She was still wearing the simple white blouse and snug jeans that she had worn to college that day. Now that she was out of catholic school, Kaylee could dress more simply. She took advantage of that, but her mother still didn’t like it when Kaylee wore jeans.

The footsteps stopped in the hallway outside of Kaylee’s room. Slowly, the door was pushed open. Kaylee’s mother entered.

“O my.” The words slipped out Kaylee’s mouth as a frightened murmur: Her mother held a hairbrush, and given the circumstances, that could mean only one thing. “Please, Mom. Don’t!”

Kaylee’s mother paid her daughter’s pleas no mind and sat down on the bed beside her. She began talking about the things Kaylee had done wrong that day: the car; the ticket; and even though she was allowed to wear jeans to school, Kaylee’s mother mentioned them as a well. All the while, she patted one hand with hairbrush. And though she kept her voice low, it was intense. Kaylee’s mother was clearly angry!

The scolding was harsh. “No boy is worth what you’ve done,” her mother said. “And no matter what you think, accidents do happen.” Kaylee’s mother raised a finger as her daughter opened her mouth to speak. “At this point you don’t get to say anything except ‘Yes, ma’am‘ and ‘No ma’am.’ Is that clear?”

Kaylee closed her mouth and nodded. She recognized her mother’s mood and knew better than to argue or try to get out of a spanking.

Kaylee’s mother continued berating her daughter, and Kaylee bobbed her head at the correct moments, mouthed pleas for forgiveness, and offered promises that she would never do anything like this again. Eventually, Kaylee’s mother ran out of words, but her gaze was still steely with anger.

“Get up,” her mother said, motioning with the hand that held the hairbrush. “Stand up now, and take off your jeans.”

Kaylee gasped! “But, Mom!”

“No buts, young lady! Get your jeans off now!”

That’s when I should have left,” Kaylee thought, rubbing her still stinging backside. “When my Mom told me to take off my pants, I should have left!”

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