Heather’s Caning turns to Lust – a review

Review of Heather’s Caning and Humiliation

By Joseph McNamara
October 2, 2012

In Heather’s Caning and Humiliation Alice Dark once again gives us a unique glimpse into a character filled with self-love of her life and attraction to a best friend. She likes her life and is looking forward toHeather Summer. The fact that she skips school and has gotten away with it feeds her passion at times. Then a note from school changes her tone and she is now wondering what can she do to make this go away.

Enter Sr. Mary with a history of stern punishments for boys at the school. Sr. Mary and Heather agree to meet next Saturday and resolve this situation. A Caning is to happen and Heather reluctantly agrees. You can feel the “crack” of the cane as it lands with vigor as Heather endures her punishment. Sr. Mary’s punishment is severe and the Cane swings with a force that is painful for Heather and yet Sr. Mary eventually gives into her own wanton desires and emotion and after Heather’s agreed upon Caning, shows Heather her own feeling of lust and sensual delight in what she does to the girls at this school.

In the end, Sr. Mary punished her student and lustfully played out her own fantasy. Heather has now been opened up to the fact that the caning, although a bit sadistic, was finalized with a lustful orgasm. The rich description of the characters in this book lets the reader feel as the characters do. A good book with passion and desire for us all…. Thanks Alice
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2 responses to “Heather’s Caning turns to Lust – a review

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  2. I’d love to spanked hard to orgasm.

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