F/m Domination The Seasoned and the Novice

By Joseph McNamara
October 6, 2012

If Female to male domination is your bag then this is your book. Here we have a dual tale of couples engaging in a woven tale of lust filled sex that will arouse the sensual in you: The Dominatrix and the Cheerleader.Dominatrix and Cheerleader

Beginning with Amanda and Daryl’s story we see two students on the verge of adulthood and watch as Daryl follows Amanda to a secret spot to have some alone time. He watches as she climbs to a window and immediately begins an erotic masturbation session that leaves her and the reader in bliss. He gives in to his own arousal and joins. The reader along with Daryl is wondering what Amanda is looking at through the window that has her so aroused. After finally coming together in school time innocence, the answer soon follows.

Enter Alicia and her slave Reginald. Alicia is a powerful Dominatrix who obviously has been involved with her slave Reginald for some time. After she summons the two voyeurs into her web, the “Training” begins. Now we have the seasoned and the novice. We watch as Alicia masterfully shows Amanda the joys of dominating a male. We see Amanda learn that her lust filled voyeur sessions are now coming to life. Daryl gives into his own lust and assumes his position, half frightened and still aroused from his own voyeur session earlier. Reginald character shows us a powerful relationship to his Mistress and what it is to be a male slave. From here the author uniquely merges the two tales into a wonderful exhibition of what Female to male Domination is for the learned and can be for the novice. This book is filled with erotic imagery and lust filled romp for the characters and the reader.

The title that the author chose for this book is uniquely crafted to reflect a powerful Female Dominant story to cherish and learn from. Thank you Alice

The Dominatrix and the Cheerleader on Kindle

The Dominatrix and the Cheerleader on Nook

The Dominatrix and the Cheerleader on Smashwords

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