The Caning of Misty Day – an excerpt

“Oh, god, Heather!” Misty’s voice was a harsh and insistent whisper. “Please fuck me. Quit screwing around and please, fuck me!”

The Caning of Misty Day: A Lesbian Threesome of Spanking and Sex

The Caning of Misty Day: A Lesbian Threesome of Spanking and Sex

But Heather didn’t rush her seduction. She noticed Misty toes curling tight, bunching the soft material of the comforter. Misty was vulnerable at this point – unsure of what would happen next. She sighed again a deep sigh of resignation, as if she was fully letting go – giving herself to Heather, both physically and mentally. In smooth, almost liquid movements, Misty spreads her legs wider and wider.

Heather smiled inwardly at the surrender by her girlfriend. In their relationship, Misty was normally the aggressor. Heather tickled Misty’s pussy with the tips of her fingers, encouraging the girl to spread her legs even wider. Soon, Misty reached the point where she has strained her knees to the widest. To give Heather even more access, Misty drew her feet together so that the soles were flat against one another. This caused Misty’s vaginal lips to open, and gave Heather clear access to Misty’s engorged clitoris.

It was as though Misty was flower, spreading wide to take full advantage of Heather’s warmth and affection; it was an unveiling, a moment of sweet release for Misty. It took all of Misty’s courage to expose herself so thoroughly, but once she has done so, she had the strength to continue.

The two of them remain motionless for a moment as though captured in a photograph: Misty, as the exhibitionist, and Heather as a voyeur.

The moment passed, and Heather reached for Misty with one hand, pulling her closer, while allowing the fingers of her free hand to gently stroke stroke Misty’s vagina. Misty’s pussy was wet and warm. Heather smiled softly and stroked her fingers up and down while her thumb encircles Misty’s engorged clitoris.

Misty growled deep in her throat, a primal noise of need that was long and low. She trembled and strained to open her legs even wider, but they were already as wide as her flexible muscles would allow. Misty’s ass rose just a bit off the bed; she was reaching for more – for Heather’s fingers deeper into her pussy. Any vulnerability that Misty had shown early has passed. Now, she wanted only satisfaction.

Heather continued to stroke Misty and noted the orgasm that was building in her girlfriend. Misty’s pussy was hot and slick – Heather’s fingers slid in and out easily.
Misty began grunting; her peak approached quickly, and suddenly Heather changed the rhythm. Instead of stroking in and out of her lover, Heather used the palm of her hand to spank Misty’s pussy. Lightly at first, but Heather soon increased the pussy spankings in intensity.

“Oh my god,” Misty groaned. “Oh, please let me come!”

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