Bettie Page – Wicked Girl, Spanking Comic

I’ve always loved Bettie Page, a brunette Spanking Queen with a shoulder-length hairdo and blunt-cut bangs. She was – and still is – an idol of mine.

I love the thousands of black-and-white glossy photographs her her in high heels, bikinis, negligees and quite often nothing at all.

Bettie inspired comic books, fan clubs and Web sites around the world. And in 2005, someone finally make a film about her life: “The Notorious Bettie Page.”

I stumbled over this comic years ago in my travels. For now, my lovelies, enjoy it. And as Halloween approaches, think about wearing a costume that honors Bettie Page’s memory.

Get the comic here!

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3 responses to “Bettie Page – Wicked Girl, Spanking Comic

  1. reneeroseauthor

    That’s awesome!

  2. Hi Alice! Looking forward to your Spank or Treat story. Will that be up soon? Thanks!

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