It’s Juicy

Personally, Sophia and I like to pursue our fetishes in a safe, sane and consensual way. But sometimes, you’ve got to break past the edges – do a bit of exploration – to find the boundaries of your relationship. These folks are doing just that. Beware. This isn’t light reading for the vanilla folks. — Alice Dark


So when I last wrote, Jeff had an awesome conversation that need to be had, revealing that he had suppressed desires. And it led us to have sex like nothing we’ve had before. I wouldn’t really call that a good thing.

::Although when I mentioned that he had been actually pulling my hair out he began to ease up::

He bit me hard (which I’m used to and like) but then he slapped me across the face…. Repeatedly. He was definitely more rough/violent. He smacked my ass hard over and over. He told me I was his to use and abuse.

“Feels so good to be myself and not hold back”

He choked me and dick slapped me. I could feel the tears forming. He noticed and asked if I was ok. I said I was fine. He fucked me from behind. The condom made him last longer. It was nice. Afterward, I ran to…

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