Sister Alice Spanks Amanda – a fragment

Still working on this story. Editing. Writing. Only another thousand words or so. Enjoy this slice.

Allison nodded and looked around. The twosome was huddled at a table in the café. Even though there was no one was near their table, Allison lowered her voice and her eyes. “I’ve been in Sister Alice’s office,” she said, then took a sharp breath. “It was early on here at the school, and I was flunking out.”

“What?” Amanda shook her head in disbelief. “You mean she spanked you because of your grades? I didn’t think they could do that!”

“Keep your voice down,” Allison pleaded. “Look. I was going to be kicked out of college. I was staying out too late. I was partying.” Allison pursed her lips for a moment, and Amanda was struck by the desire to kiss the girl, right then and there. She trembled at the thought and managed to keep her distance. “Sister Alice offered me a choice,” Allison continued. “She would take care of the failing marks and give me some personal tutoring. All I had to do was agree to her form of punishment.”

“Damn!” Amanda cursed lowly and whistled between her teeth. “You mean she spanked you?”

“I mean she offered me a choice.”

“A spanking or leaving school?”

Allison looked up from the table. She didn’t blink and spoke softly. “The nuns handle things differently at St. Gertrude’s,” she said. “At any other college, I would have been expelled – kicked out and sent home.” Allison took a breath. “Here, they gave me a choice and a chance.”

Amanda shook her head slowly. Allison was such a carefree girl, a motor-mouth who babbled incessantly and seemed to be on top of the world. Indeed, Amanda couldn’t picture the girl as she must have been during those dark days under threat of expulsion.

“So, she spanked you,” Amanda said, “and everything is all better?”

“I never said she spanked me.” Allison took a sip of her soda. “And I didn’t say I’m better.”

“But you’re not failing, and you’re still in school.”

Allison nodded.

“And you’re one of the happiest people I’ve ever met. Sometimes you positively glow!”

Blushing, Allison pushed her hair back behind one ear. “All I’m saying is don’t judge this too quickly.” Allison tongue darted out quickly, and she wet her lips. “These nuns do good things at the college. Especially Sister Alice.”

It’s available on Nook and Smashwords.

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