Stepford Wife … 1950’s

I like this blog. The Life of Liz is well written, humorous and has a delightfully deft touch. Have a read of this recent posting (note the spanking!), and enjoy yourself.

— Alice Dark

the Life of Liz

I have the need to ramble  today, please bear with me … This post runs the gamut of 1950’s housewife, to spending limits to what the heck another reminder spanking and finally … recipes needed!?!

Vesta had a great post the other day (Internal Thoughts) where she wrote about not having a lot in common with other ladies who were chatting at the health club.  After reading her post, I started to envision what it would have been like to be a housewife in the 1950’s.  I wonder if I would have felt more accepted and settled if the idea that a woman should live for her husband and family was the dominate image of our time.  I mean, what if the 1950’s notion that women found fulfillment in domesticity was prevalent today?  If you do a quick Google search for “1950’s housewife” you are bombarded with television, radio, and magazines…

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2 responses to “Stepford Wife … 1950’s

  1. LOL…always need a spanking….but I usually prefer it to be on my own terms.

    • Hmmm…terms…I never thought about that. Usually I just tip Sophia into my lap and let the spanking begin. But terms … I like that. We’ll have to think on that one … Maybe a book or short story. It would make a good title, don’t you think?

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