A Paddling Fragment

With no more formalities, Mistress Alice instructed Meg through the process of preparing herself for punishment.

“Meg, turn around please,” Mistress Alice said. “Spread your legs legs slightly and bend over.” Her mistress touched the paddle to Meg’s stomach. “A little lower,” she said.


Alice (Photo credit: Danny PiG)

Meg then felt the paddle touch her backside as though Mistress Alice was taking aim. A shiver ran through the girl, from her tail bone all the way up her spine.

“Spread your legs a little more and bend lower,” Mistress Alice said. “Grab your ankles tightly.”

Meg did as she was told. The paddle touched her bottom again.

“Lift your head, Meg, and look straight ahead,” her mistress said. “Hold tight to your ankles and do not stand up until I say so.”

There was silence for the next few moments, thick and impregnable. Then that silence was broken as Mistress Alice swung the paddle.


The smooth wooden implement struck the girl’s bare bottom with a resounding clap.

Meg felt the sting of the strike at almost the same moment the paddle connected with her skin. There was heat in that smack – sharp, like a match strike. Meg gasped and moaned: “O my god…I don’t…I don’t…know-know if I can take two more!”

Before the girl could stutter out another phrase, the paddle found her backside again, and the resulting SMACK! resounded through the hallways.

The sting of the second strike was even hotter, and Meg whooshed as she gasped sobbing for air. Her ass felt as though it was on fire, and she wanted to scream. Instead she bit her tongue and waited for the third strike.


The third swat brought the girl straight up, howling and grabbing both of her butt cheeks in her palms. She sobbed loudly, dancing from foot to foot.

But the moment that Meg jumped out of the position, she heard Mistress Alice say: “You’ve broken the rules, Meg. You know what that means.” There was an evil glow in the mistress’s eyes. “Now, it’s time for another.”

Meg whimpered and begged. The original bargain had called for only three strikes with the paddle.

“You stood up,” Mistress Alice said simply. “You broke that bargain. You’ve earned another.” Mistress Alice gestured with the wicked, wooden paddle. “Reposition yourself.”

Still wincing with pain, and hopping from foot to foot, Meg did as she was told. She bent and spread her legs slightly, then gripped her ankles.

Mistress Alice did not hesitate. SMACK! The sting of that paddle against Meg’s already stinging behind was so intense, she jerked upright once more, rubbing her bottom and crying out. “Puh-Puh-Puh-leeeaaasse!”

Like a snake, Mistress Alice’s tongue flicked out between her teeth, and she lightly licked her lips. The poor girl danced in front of her, holding her bare bottom, barely able to speak. The mistress smiled wickedly.

“One more,” she said. “This time, hold your position.”

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