Our Early Spanking Days – a fragment

Alice had spanked Sophia several times throughout their initial period of dating and courtship: She spanked the girl for being late for their dates; for flirting with other women; for swearing; and for being bitchy without any good reason.

In each of these cases Alice pulled Sophia over knees and delivered 15 to 30 hard hand-spanks to Sophia’s bottom.

Sometimes, Sophia’s panties stayed up. But when Alice was really upset, she yanked Sophia’s panties down and spanked the girl’s bare bottom.

This didn’t really increase the pain much, but Sophia found it surprisingly embarrassing to have her bottom bared for punishment, even though by this time Alice had seen her completely naked many times. Somehow it was different in the context of punishment.

Having her panties pulled down made Sophia feel more than just a little childish.

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