Her boyfriend Needs Correction – a fragment

Mary stared hard at the photos Mistress Alice had spread out on the table. She was having issues with her boyfriend and had answered an Internet advertisement for correcting relationship problems. That had brought Mary to Mistress Alice, and this … well … Mary really didn’t have a word for the room she was in. Paddles and whips were hung from the walls like decorations. Photos of crying men were framed and displayed alongside different implements of punishment.

“What you see here is a caning,” Mistress Alice said, tapping a photo with one of her long fingernails. “A caning is the most severe discipline package that we offer.” Mary looked up at the Dominatrix. Mistress Alice was dressed head to toe in Latex. The skin that showed was porcelain white, and her eyes were dark. “The cane is made from rattan, and we will teach you how to wield it effectively.” Mistress Alice waved to the pictures on one wall where the framed photos of a dozen bare-assed men were displayed. “As you can see from those photos, each stroke of a rattan cane leaves a raised weal on the buttocks or legs.” The Dominatrix smiled; her lips were painted bright red. “A dozen strokes are administered in the first caning,” she said, licking her teeth. “If he needs further correction, we can set up a session of two or three dozen strokes.”

Mary’s breathing quickened. She moved through a series of photos showing caning. At the caning’s progression the recipient’s face changed from screaming, to crying, to horror.

“Take a look at that photo,” Mistress Alice said, pointing to a specific black and white image. “When a caning of more than a dozen strokes is given, about half of the remaining strokes are given on top of previous weals. But they’re placed diagonally, intensifying the punishment and the lesson.”

Mary gazed at the picture of the criss-crossed weals. She set her lips tightly and pointed at a photo. “I’ve seen enough,” she said.

Mistress Alice smiled again. She recognized Mary’s reaction, and knew that she had a new customer. “You can make an appointment any time, but a deposit is required,” the Dominatrix said. “Also, you must accompany him to our clinic.”

“Will I get to watch him while, uhm…”

Mistress Alice had anticipated the girl’s question. “Sessions are private, but you can view his caning from the adjoining room through one-way glass.”

“By myself?”

“We know that some women find the administration of discipline to their wayward significant other quite erotic,” Mistress Alice said. “You will have your privacy.”

Mary drew a credit card from her purse and handed it to the Mistress. “Can you tell me more about the sessions…”

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