A Twin’s Spanking – a fragment

From the corner of my eye, I saw him approaching. Damn. He must have seen me.

He got close, leaned over and whispered in my ear. “If you do that again, I’m going to get the paddle.”

Shit! Yep. Definitely caught. But I was confused and a little scared. My twin sister was supposed to be here tonight, but at the last moment, I had taken her place. According to my sister, Gwen, her boyfriend (who didn’t know we’d switched!) and I were supposed to canoing after dinner.

“Could that be what he meant by paddle?” I knew wasn’t sure, but I was just trying to convince myself it was something darker.

With dinner done, my sister’s boyfriend, Jon, and I walked back to the cabin. It was glad it was dark. Much less chance of him figuring out who I was and asking questions I didn’t want to answer. And I was half-convinced that we would take the trail to the lake instead of our temporary home in the woods.

We didn’t. Instead, he climbed the stairs to the rough-hewn cabin, pushed open the door and went into the dark. Odd that he didn’t flip the switch on the way in. “We have electricity in the cabin,” I thought.

“Come on in,” he called out from inside.

Warily, with my hands stretched out in front of my face, I entered the cabin. Almost immediately, he grabbed my left arm and yanked me forward! Tumbling toward him, I tried to protect myself. I threw my hands out in front of my face and was surprised with I didn’t hit the floor.

Instead, my full weight landed squarely across his knee. “Shit!” I said. “What the hell?”

Upon entering the cabin, Jon had sat down in a straight-back chair, and now I was laying across his lap. And as soon as he grabbed my skirt, I knew exactly what was happening! He was going to spank me!

“O, damn,” I thought. “Damn, damn, damn.” I wanted to to shout at him: “It’s a mistake, damnit! I’m not my sister!” But, I knew better. Gwen and I had concocted this scheme, and I couldn’t go back on the deal. I knew before I agreed to change places with my sister that Jon was a Dominant. I knew that he would demand obedience, but I never expected to be spanked. Still, I couldn’t go back on my word to my sister. I would have to accept this!

I shuddered in his lap. “How did I get myself into this mess?”

Jon tucked my skirt into my belt and then pulled down my panties. I felt the screams on my lips: that I wasn’t Gwen; that I didn’t deserve this spanking!

But I couldn’t do it. She was my twin. We were more than just sisters. So when Jon’s hand came to rest lightly on my bare bottom I shut my mouth and bit back any cries.

“You were a brat at supper, Gwen,” Jon said. “You made fun of the food and my friends. You embarrassed me.”

Jon’s hand was still on my ass as he lectured me again about my manners and attitude. “Jeez,” I thought. “He’s so nit-picky! How can Gwen stand him?” Yet even with those thoughts, I kept my mouth shut. Normally, I would have mimicked him – sarcastically making fun of his scolding. But with his hand on my ass, as I lay across his knee – I knew that it was best to keep quiet.

“This won’t be bad,” I told myself. “He doesn’t dare really hurt me. A few light spanks, and it will be finished.” I smiled, because I knew he couldn’t see me. I would keep my mouth shut and take it for my sister.

At that moment, there was a sudden CRACK! as he walloped my right butt cheek! At first I was stunned, and before I could react, three more spankings hit my cheeks!


I howled my surprise and displeasure and fought hard in his lap! But Jon was strong, and he held me tight with one arm while delivering stinging swats with his free hand.


My firm bottom was getting one hell of a spanking and Jon showed no signs of slowing down. He alternated the strikes so that both cheeks got equal attention. He even spanked the tops of my legs!


I was crying loudly at each spank, and my tears soaked his jeans. My bottom was on fire, and I was totally focused on the heat of each stroke.


“Yes sir, yes-sir, yes-sir!” I blubbered between the severe strokes. “Please! Yes sir! Anything!”


I was saying anything I could think of to get him to stop smacking my bare bottom!


Finally he stopped, and rubbed my bottom lightly. I sobbed and arched my butt into his gentle hand. “Please. Yes. Anything.” I was babbling, and I knew it.

He let me stand, and I pulled my panties up. Jon looked up at me from his chair. He put his finger under my chin to raise my tear-stained face. “Next time, you’ll behave at dinner,” he said. “Bratty girls get spanked. Even when they’re not Gwen.”

I gasped! Jon knew! “But-”

He put his thumb on my lips. “She would have known better than to be so wicked at dinner,” Jon said. “She doesn’t have a bratty bone in her body.” Jon smiled. “Not anymore.”

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