Gwendolyn is Punished for Flirting – a fragment

Gwendolyn blushed, and dropped her chin to her shoulder. She knelt on the floor and risked a quick glance at him through the fringe of her black bangs.

“You know what’s coming,” he said roughly.

“Yes Sir,” she murmured, dropping her gaze to the floor once again.

Gwendolyn got slowly to her feet and shuffled to the corner. Once there, she raised her skirt and stuffed it into her belt, and began to ease down her panties.

“All the way,” he said.

“Yes Sir.” Gwendolyn’s voice was barely above a whisper.

Stooping she pushed her panties to her ankles and then straightened up.

“Don’t move until I am ready to deal with you,” he said growled. “Not one inch.”

Michael crossed the room and retrieved a hair brush from the dresser. He also picked up a straight-backed chair. Returning to the center of the room, he set the chair down squarely and placed the brush on the seat.

Gwendolyn listened nervously. She knew what he was doing and why. She would have to wait for her punishment

Behind her, Michael crossed the floor and sat in a comfortable leather recliner. From the sound of it, Gwendolyn believed he was reading a magazine, slowly flipping the pages.

After about 10 minutes of standing, Gwendolyn moaned and began a slight twisting in the her corner. Michael allowed her this tiny movement for only a few seconds: “Stop that,” he barked. Gwendolyn froze.

Michael read for nearly an hour more, glancing occasionally over the edge of the pages at Gwendolyn. Her pert bottom was lovely; and she trembled just a bit as she waited for the punishment she knew was coming.

At last, Michael stood up and dropped his magazine into the leather chair. He crossed the floor to the straight-backed chair and sat down. At last, he gave the command that Gwendolyn longed for: “Come here,” he said.

She turned at once, and then hesitantly shuffled forward, her ankles hobbled by her panties. This was the part she liked: Laying over his knees and hugging into his thighs. He was warm and hard beneath her.

“Now, my dear. You know what’s coming, don’t you?”


Michael stiffened. “Yes what?”

“Yes Sir,” she whispered.

Gwendolyn shifted on his lap, lifting her bottom a little.

Michael gazed at her bottom as she pushed it toward him. He saw there a couple of small bruises, evidence of her last spanking.

Michael ran his thumb along the crack of her bottom. “How long did you have to stand up at the dinner table after you last spanking?”

Gwendolyn wiggled her rump at his gentle touch and sighed. “One whole day, Sir,” she said ruefully. “Breakfast, lunch and supper.”

“And this time?” he queried. “How long do you think?”

“I don’t know, Sir.”

With the hair brush in his right hand, and his arms gripping her legs, Michael suddenly slapped her bottom. CRACK! It was a satisfying splat that pulled a gasp from Gwendolyn. She crossed her legs tightly at the sudden sting.

Michael struck again – CRACK! – spanking the other cheek.

Gwendolyn hissed and wiggled her behind at him.

“Sometimes I don’t know why I bother,” Michael said. “You never seem to learn from your spankings, do you?” Michael didn’t wait for an answer.


Gwendolyn sobbed and bucked furiously. “No Sir,” she cried.

“You flirt without permission,” Michael growled. “Maybe these spankings don’t work. Maybe I should find a new pet.”


“O, please,” Gwendolyn cried out. “Please don’t give up on me Sir. I won’t flirt with anyone ever again!” Gwendolyn’s voice was strained, and she pumped her thighs hard against Michael’s legs. “Spank me! Please spank me. I deserve it!” Gwendolyn was sobbing. “But, please don’t give up on me!”


“I won’t give up,” Michael said with a grim determination. “But if I see you even look at another man, next time, I will use the cane.”

Inside, Gwendolyn’s heart leaped, and despite the pain in her butt, she smiled wickedly. “Oh Sir,” she sobbed. “I promise, I’ll be good!”

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6 responses to “Gwendolyn is Punished for Flirting – a fragment

  1. A whole hour! Now THAT’S torture! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    yes sir… 🙂

  3. Oh that was so good! I just read it & was planning on going to bed but now I’m all wiggle, awake & left wanting to read more!

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