The Caning of Misty Day – an excerpt

If you’ve read “Heather’s Caning and Humiliation,” then you know that Sister Mary is not someone to be trifled with. “The Caning of Misty Day” is a follow-up to “Heather …” and this time, Sister Mary teaches both girls a harsh lesson in obedience.

This is an excerpt from “The Caning of Misty Day.”

The first bell was ringing as Heather dashed down the hallway to meet her lover. “Misty! Wait up!”

The Caning of Misty Day: A Lesbian Threesome of Spanking and Sex

The Caning of Misty Day: A Lesbian Threesome of Spanking and Sex

Misty turned and flicked her blond hair off of her shoulder. She still didn’t have any idea yet of what she could do to stop Sister Mary from caning the two of them. “Heather!” Misty held up her hand as her girlfriend skidded to a stop. “Look. I think being late for class will only make things worse, so you go to math, I’ll go to English, and we can catch up after that.”

Heather opened her mouth to agree, then froze, her eyes wide in fear.

“Ladies.” Misty spun around at the voice and found herself facing the Mother Superior – Sister Mary. “So nice to see both of you girls in school.” The nun’s diction was crisp; each word was clearly enunciated and seemed to slice into Misty’s psyche. She winced at the words as though cut. “The second bell is in four minutes,” Sister Mary said. “I trust neither of you will be late for your first class.”

The nun’s voice snatched at Misty, and the girl found that she couldn’t move, couldn’t take her eyes off of the nun’s face. Each syllable Sister Mary spoke – liquid and ringing – surrounded and seemed to fill Misty’s senses, blocking the girl to all other input save the savage beauty of the nun. Forced to gaze upon the woman, Misty took in the nun’s visage, even as the Mother Superior’s voice held her in thrall. Though the sister wore a typical nun’s habit, Sister Mary’s clothing was somehow different; even though the outfit billowed and flapped like the other nuns’ habits, it fit Sister Mary better at shoulders and breasts – tighter, with cleaner seams. The white bandeau and the guimpe – the white circular part that outlined Sister Mary’s face – also appeared to be sharper than that of her sister nuns, and it served to highlight the harsh beauty in Sister Mary’s face. Especially the eyes: ice blue, cold and piercing – the nun’s eyes were violently beautiful.

And now those eyes were fixed on Misty, and the young woman felt as though she was being pulled deep inside the nun. “No, Sister Mary. Yes, Sister Mary. Please, Sister Mary” Misty stammered as she searched for words. “I- I-”

Sister Mary leaned forward until her face was almost touching Misty’s, and there seemed to be a power radiating off of the nun’s body. “You and I, Miss Day. We have an appointment. Very soon.” The nun whispered the words, and Misty involuntarily leaned forward to catch them. The nun’s lips were full and Misty quivered as she watched them work around each word. “You will be there, Miss Day. You and Miss Tory will be there, and both of you will understand what it means to behave properly when you are inside of this school.”

Misty’s eyes were wide, and she opened her mouth to speak. But even as she did, Misty felt – more than saw – a dark, gray swirling in her mind.

“Off with you,” Sister Mary said, and then turned away. “If you are late for this class, it will be reflected in your punishment.”

Finally free of the nun’s gaze, Misty heard a groan behind her. She turned around to see Heather standing as though stunned: Heather’s arms were rigid at her sides, her fists were clenched, and her eyes were glassy. The girl swayed where she stood, and it looked like Heather was having a fit. But what Misty found odd about Heather’s stance was the smile that quirked the girl’s lips; Heather seemed happy with whatever vision had taken her senses. Misty suddenly found herself very afraid.

“Now, Miss Day.” Sister Mary grazed Misty’s shoulder with the tips of her fingers. “Take Miss Tory, and the two of you head to class now.” There seemed to be an electric spark that jumped from the nun’s fingers into Misty’s body, and the girl nearly leaped to carry out the nun’s wishes. “We will see one another again very soon,” Sister Mary said. “A week is not as long as one might think.”

“Omigod, Heather! Snap out of it!” Misty jerked at her lover’s shirt, dragging the girl down the hall. “Now, Heather! We can’t be late!”

“Quit pulling on me!” Heather leaned backward against Misty’s drag. “I can walk on my own!”

Misty looked hard at her girlfriend. Heather’s lovely blue eyes were clear again, and the girl seemed to have a grasp on her senses. “We can’t be late,” Misty said. Ignoring her Heather’s protest, Misty shoved the girl through the doorway to her math class just as the second bell rang. Misty looked around, horrified; it was still a dozen or more steps to her English class. Turning to bolt down the hallway, Misty saw Sister Mary standing with her arms folded. The nun was staring directly at Misty with a wicked smile creasing her face.

Sister Mary nodded at Misty, and the latter gasped as she dashed through the door of her English class.

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