Laura’s Caning – A series of fragments M/f

Laura was a pretty girl who said very little, and kept a civil tongue when she spoke. She dark hair and kept it tied back, and that complimented her deep, blue eyes. Laura was short – about five-two – and slimly built. Although she was a little over eighteen years, Laura was nicely developed for her age. She even had a quaint a girlish charm. She had no boyfriends that we knew of, though I imagine half of the lads in her hometown must regret that she had left home.


“Did your father ever spank you when you were a child?”

“N..n…no, sir.” Fear showed plainly on Laura’s face.

His Lordship cleared his throat. “Perhaps if your father had done his job correctly, you wouldn’t be standing here now.” His Lordship stroked his chin and considered the trembling girl. “It might have taught you a lesson or two about taking care of what you’re doing. Now strip.”

Laura froze, rigid with fear.

“Strip,” he said again.

Still Laura did not move, almost as if she couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

“You, Jenkins,” the lord said, beckoning to his manservant who stood discretely in the corner of the room. “Strip her – and be quick about it.”

Jenkins was a big, burly man in his late 30s. He knew that there sense in disobeying his Lordship’s orders. He stepped out of the shadows, and in two long-legged strides stepped behind the girl. Jenkins’s hands were huge, and he was able to pinoin Laura’s arms in one hand, while with the other he flicked open the row of white buttons down the back of her dress. Jenkins completed the row, and the girl’s top fell open, revealing her pale skin below.

As Laura struggled in his grip, Jenkins turned his attentions to her skirt. His right hand came across the front of her waist, pinning her tighter to him, and he wrestled open the button on the side of her skirt. He tugged at the zipper and jerked it down. As he did so, the long white garment slithered down her legs, till it hobbled Laura’s ankles.

Placing his feet on the middle of the skirt, Jenkins lifted the small girl into the air, freeing her feet from both her shoes and the skirt. Now nearly naked, Jenkins turned the girl in mid-air and held her off the ground.

“Thank you, Jenkins,” his Lordship said. “That will suffice for now.”

Jenkins put the girl down gently, and Laura turned a frightened face to her Master. She was trembling, wearing only a thin white brassiere and cotton panties. She tried to cover herself and protect her innocence from the gaze of the assembled men.

“Now take off your undergarments,” his Lordship said. “Now!”


“Bend over the edge of the pool table, girl.” His Lordship motioned to the well-lit table in the center of the room. “Go on,” he said. Put your legs against it, and lean forward. And keep your hands behind your head.”

Laura stretched forward, and as she did so, she rose on tiptoe, thrusting her naked backside further into the air.

Satisfied, his Lordship took three steps back. He raised his arm high above his shoulder, and danced forward, bringing the cane crashing through the air and down across Laura’s backside. It landed straight across the center of her buttocks with a crack that sounded like gunfire.

Laura cried out! “Please! O no, please!”

Again – CRACK! – Again the rod lashed down on the helpless girl’s bottom. A second angry line traced across her behind – parallel to the first, but slightly lower.

Laura tried to muffle her sobs, choking back tears.

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