A Day of Arrest (Work in Progress)

This is the story about a vacation gone kinky. Sophia and I drove across country last year. I’m retelling the story of that vacation, and letting my imagination run wild.

A Day of Arrest

Katherine hadn’t taken a vacation in several years, and it was days like today that made her realize how much she had missed over the years. The weather was perfect. The sun was shining, and it was neither too hot, nor too cold. The snow-covered mountains of north Alabama beckoned in the distance, and the road stretched out in in front of Katherine like a path to splendor.

In many ways it was the vacation of her dreams. Katherine had worked in public relations since she graduated from college some 15 years ago. It was a pressure-filled job, and public relations wasn’t at all as glamourous as she had been led to believe. Katherine was on call for her job seven days a week, 24 hours a day – and she had to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice to any kind of crisis. If something went wrong for one of her clients, there always had to be someone freshly-scrubbed and ready to speak with reporters and the public, to allay their fears and assure them all would be fine.

Katherine was good at public relations. She was the kind of person that people believed. Pretty and well-mannered, the public – and more importantly, the media – trusted her to tell them the truth.

Katherine smiled to herself and looked across the car at Lindsay, who was napping in the passenger’s seat. Lindsay was a beautiful, young girl, just out of college, and interning at the public relations firm. Her hair was raven-black, and she had the kind of bright, blue eyes that people seemed to fall into when Lindsay talked to them. The public wanted to believe Lindsay; she was pretty, and presented an appearance that was both innocent and honest. It was Katherine’s job to mentor the young woman. Lindsay was distantly related to one of the owners of the firm, and it was likely that she would find a career in public relations when her internship was finished.

The vacation had been the idea of Katherine’s boss, Bill – or at least, that what’s Katherine let him think.

Lindsay and I need to spend some time together, Bill.” Those were the words that Katherine had used to lure Bill into her carefully laid trap. “Lindsay is stuck in the office all day. With this atmosphere, she and I are not building the kind of relationship that we need to build if she’s going to learn anything about public relations.”

Bill had arched one eyebrow, his typical quizzical look, and likely had his mind on last night’s bedroom adventures, instead of the business at hand. “What do you mean?”

Once Bill had ventured into the conversation, it was easy for Katherine to work her magic. In less time than it took for Bill to get a cup of coffee, Katherine laid out her plan for a cross-country trip for herself and Lindsay. They would start at the eastern-most state of New Jersey, with it’s four nuclear plants and a host of chemical plants, and travel to California, home of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

Nuclear energy and chemical plants are our most challenging public relations clients,” Katherine explained to Bill. “Giving Lindsay a chance to see and speak with plant employees as well as the surrounding public will give her invaluable experience in learning how to deal publicly with a crisis at the plants we represent.”

Bill added sugar to his coffee and stirred it thoughtfully. He squinted, and Katherine was certain that he was imagining her naked and bent across his desk. Bill cleared his throat, shook his head and smiled. “But why the drive across country?” he asked.

Katherine had him, and she knew it; his mind was on sex. All she had to do was keep the conversation strictly business. “It’s the breadbasket of the country,” she said, licking her lips. “Lindsay and I both need to meet and talk with people who have only the slightest understanding of nuclear and chemical plants, if we’re going to have any chance at all of convincing them that there are no problems.”

Bill fell for it. He was a wonderful lover – talented and creative, both in the bedroom and in the office. And Bill was also skilled at public relations. But when it came to Katherine’s desires, he had a blind spot; Katherine got whatever she wanted, so long as she played the public relations game.

A couple of days later, at the expense of the agency, Katherine found herself on the road with Lindsay Morgan for a two-week trip across the country and back – ostensibly to learn as much as possible about PR as it related to crisis situations. But it turned out quickly to be just what Katherine needed: a vacation away from the almost daily crisis management at the public relations firm.


Katherine knew herself to be a beautiful woman, and she was often mistaken to be a girl in her 20s than a woman in her mid-30s. And outside of work, Katherine dressed the part: Latex, leather, short skirts, corsets and high-heels made up the bulk of her free-time wardrobe. Katherine turned heads quickly with the outfits that she chose. Today was no different; she wore a short, plaid skirt over bare legs and a loose cotton blouse that Katherine had unbuttoned and tied in a knot below her full breasts. Katherine was barefoot at the moment, but had a pair of opened-toed sandals that she could slip on if necessary.

That particular outfit was one Bill’s favorites. “You look like a bad girl,” was his constant observation. “I think you need a spanking.”

Katherine groaned inwardly at the memory. She squeezed her thighs together tightly, noting the excitement thinking about Bill brought on. Beside her, Lindsay moaned and rolled open her eyes. “Where are we?” she asked, stretching her arms and legs in the cramped space of the car.

“Alabama,” Katherine replied. “How was your sleep?”

Lindsay licked her lips and stretched again. “Delicious,” she replied. “I had the most wonderful dreams.”

Katherine had already learned that her intern had an almost shocking sexual appetite that went far beyond what most college graduates could claim. The young woman had stories about numerous lovers and sexual escapades that would make even the horniest young man blush. Lindsay had a beautiful figure – a perfect 34-24-34, and her pert little “B” cups were slightly cone-shaped and topped with thick brown nipples. Lindsay had a slim waist and long legs that fit her 5′ 6” form beautifully. She wore her long black hair parted in the middle, and had a clear complexion with just a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. That hair set off her eyes, which were a startling, bright blue.

What Katherine found most delightful about the young woman was that she seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. During the two days they had been in the car, sex was the dominant topic of their conversations. Even now, Lindsay had described her dreams as delicious, and Katherine knew that once again, the girl was thinking about sex.

“It was a kinky dream,” Lindsay said. “Dark. Brooding. Kind of swirly, and I wasn’t sure where I was. But there was a man there; he was magnificent!”

“It was just a dream, Lindsay.”

“I think his name was Derek, or Dirk, or Dick – something like that.” Lindsay turned her seat. “He was wearing a black, leather jacket. No shirt, just the jacket, a pair of jeans and black boots.” Lindsay licked her lips. “He had a paddle in his right hand, and he gave me that come-hither wave with his left hand.”

“Lindsay! You’re insatiable!” Katherine eased the car over into the left lane to pass a slower vehicle. “Go on, then. Tell me about your dream.”

Lindsay put a hand to her forehead as though she was swooning. “Oh, my dear, Katherine. I think my dream is far too kinky for you!”

“Girl!” Katherine drew the word out as she pulled the car back into the right lane. She glanced in the rear view mirror and made a face at the elderly couple in the car behind them. “We have a ways to go before we stop tonight. Go ahead. Tell me.”

Lindsay shook her head. “I have a better idea.” What’s the kinkiest thing that you and Bill have ever done?” Lindsay laughed at the shocked expression that came over Katherine’s face. “I know you two have been fucking in the office. “Come on, Katherine,” she taunted “Fess up.”

Katherine bit her lip. Boinking the boss at home wasn’t so bad, but fucking him in the office could get her fired if anyone knew what was going on. That Lindsay had figured it out after only a couple of days scared Katherine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I saw you, Katherine.” Lindsay stuck her tongue out, and despite herself, Katherine found it erotic. “He followed you into the ladies room last week.”

(more to come)

The story is still in its early stages, but I promise a kinky tale guaranteed to be blazing hot!

4 responses to “A Day of Arrest (Work in Progress)

  1. Please! Begin their beguine with Lindsay restrained on the hotel bed for some halfway believable non-sexual reason–perhaps medical, then Katherine could promise a Dr. that she’ll take “care” of L. while L. is thusly immobilized & vulnerable to her own insatiability, previously straight, which K. can use to gradually pry open L.’s latent lesbian tendencies, gradually, bit by heat-ratcheting bit, e.g., L.’s at first amusement but then reluctance as K. “must” due to a series of “reasons” remove each item of L.’s clothing whilst L. remains in restraints, w/ K. fully clothed & making an inordinate amount of hungry eye contact with L. as she unpeels each item between L.’s nude goose pimples and the open air of the room, K. maybe/not cooing her admiration of each new tidbit revealed. Few wide open window displays (1st floor, of course) & free looks for room service, maids, & !!! the nuke folks they’d gone to see! Then the touching (while discussing business or sex?), from innocent to breaking L. down into panting/begging, then …. ??

    This reader begs, “Please!”

  2. *O my* I like the way that you’ve drawn those images together, R! I don’t know that this story is progressing that way, but I’ll certainly do what I can to incorporate those elements in this and other stories to come! I like your imagination. Not only does it give me ideas, it makes me hot!

  3. Intriguing start. I like the way it flowed and was starting to pick up steam…

    • Thank you! The “steam” you mentioned really picks up as the story goes on. I was working on it over the weekend, and I had to “pause for the cause” on several occasions.

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