Mistress Catherine Readies Derek for a Caning – a fragment

Mistress Catherine paused for effect. Her smile cruel cruel, and there was a dark gleam in her eyes. “You will receive introductory caning. Do as you’re told, or I’ll triple the strokes.”

Derek heard the dangerous tone in Mistress Catherine’s voice. He hung his head, but managed to peep through his eyebrows at his Mistress.

Mistress Catherine slid open a desk drawer. Inside were a box of latex gloves, a tube of lubricant, and a medium-sized latex butt plug. She pulled them out one by one, and spread them out on the desktop. Then, to Derek’s surprise, Mistress Catherine unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She placed it alongside the other items, then removed her black bra.

Derek stifled a gasp; it wouldn’t bode well for him if his Mistress knew then he was covertly staring at her breasts. They were beautiful! Full and luscious, topped by thick, brown nipples.

“All right, pet.” Mistress Catherine pushed her chair back, but remained seated behind the desk. “I want you to step forward and bend across the desk while the nurse inserts this rectal plug.”

Derek’s eyes goggled. He knew the nurse was in the room, but she was behind him, and had remained silent up to this point. His heart fluttered, and his thoughts were caught in a flurry of confusion. He didn’t know what to do. Derek was naked, with his hands bound behind his back. He’d been caught earlier peeping into the windows of the punishment cells. Derek thought the worst that would happen was that he would be caned and returned to his room.

“Nurse?” Mistress Catherine said, breaking his reverie. “Perhaps the pet is in need of assistance.”

Derek heard a shuffling behind him before he was rudely pushed against the desk. Stronger than she looked, the nurse shoved Derek forward and then forced his head to the top of the desk. Satisfied that he wasn’t moving, the nurse then snapped on a latex glove and put ample lubrication on her gloved middle finger. Derek flinched when the inserted the lubricated finger between his butt cheeks. She worked the finger around, prodding his prostate gland, resulting in an immediate erection. The nurse withdrew her finger and retrieved the anal plug. After spreading more lubricant on the plug, she pushed it slowly into Derek.

“Uhhhhhh.” Derek groaned and risked a look upward. There he saw Mistress Catherine’s cruel eyes glittering, as well as her lovely breasts.

“You will stay bent over until I say otherwise,” she said. “Keep your face and chest against the surface of the desk.”

Finally, Mistress Catherine stood up. She was tall and beautiful, with milky white skin and shoulder-length hair, black as night. The Mistress wore skin tight latex pants, and four-inch stiletto heels. In one hand she held a rattan cane, fully four feet long, thin and whippy.

“I’m going cane you now,” Mistress Catherine said. She stalked slowly around the desk. “You will receive 15 strokes across your bare bottom, and there will be an additional two extra for every time you move out of position.”

3 responses to “Mistress Catherine Readies Derek for a Caning – a fragment

  1. What a beautiful, delicious, and darkly erotic story fragment this is! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, adore the character Mistress Catherine, and can fully identify with the excitingly frightening predicament poor Derek finds himself in! I only last month ordered a 39 inch long (almost 4 ft long), and 3/8 of an inch thick very long, swishy, whippy, and truly cruel rattan cane. I wish Mistress Catherine were here in my Los Angeles residence this very night, to apply it very hard, and for a satisfyingly (for her that is 🙂 Lol!) long time to my naughty and richly deserving backside! Please develop this story further Alice! You are a genius! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Spencer! I love writing, and the Dom/sub relationship is one of my favorites. Tell me. Have you used that cane on your own backside?

  3. Spencer Masoch

    Hi Bentalice,

    Yes I have (as soon as it was delivered I tried it out on myself), but as you might imagine, a self-caning is hardly a satisfactory experience, for this is a long cane, and the self-caning angle is very difficult for anyone who is not either a Mr. Elastic or Ms. Elastic. However I have since (i.e. twice last month on April 4th and 10th) gotten a delightfully sadistic lady to use it on my own backside in addition to two other canes (one; a 28 inch long cane and mine, while the other is a 30 inch long; but much thinner (1/4 inch thick nursery-like) cane that belongs to her). These were two very sound caning sessions that left me with very satisfactory welts, the way any good proper English style caning should! On April the 4th I got 114 strokes from all three canes combined, and on April the 10th, because my butt was still heavily welted and sore, Ms. N (I don’t think she would like me to give her full name) gave me just 76, because she said I was still too tender for a heavier session. But our next meeting is going to be particularly severe, because my list of naughty marks is now quite long! 😉

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