Shannon’s Seduction of Beth – a fragment

Beth looked up at her roommate and admired Shannon’s well-defined body, still concealed beneath the thin material of her nightgown. Beth had noticed her roommate before – knew her to be a beautiful woman. But this was the first time that she ever really looked at her: the gentle curve of her throat and delicate, almost porcelain skin; the shape of her full breasts and slim waist; the sudden flare of her hips, and legs that went on forever. Beth’s heart fluttered, and she struggled to catch her breath.

Shannon knew what Beth was feeling, and at that moment, she decided to surrender herself to Beth. “I love you, Beth,” she said simply. “I always have.”

As she said the words, Shannon slipped out of her soft, pink nightgown and let it drop to the floor. Then slipped out of her delicate, white-lace panties. Completely nude, Shannon was like a statue, carved from living flesh.

“Oh my God,” Beth mumbled as she took in the sight of the naked woman. She couldn’t help but stare; Shannon was perfect. Slowly, Shannon stepped forward on dainty feet, like a Michelangelo sculpture come to life.

Beth was stunned. She had never been in a situation like this, especially with a woman who had just professed her love. She didn’t move, but Beth took deep breaths.

Shannon knelt to the floor, her breasts even with Beth’s eyes, and then leaned forward. She put her arms around Beth’s shoulders and brushed her nipples gently against her roommate’s face.

Beth moaned deep in her throat. She had never been with a woman before – never felt the soft caress of breasts against her face. She wanted to pull away, but something inside her held Beth in place.

Shannon’s put one finger under Beth’s chin and tipped her roommate’s face upward. “I’ll stop if you want,” she whispered, holding Beth’s eyes with her own. “I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready for.” Shannon knew that could stop this if she wanted to. Turn her back on the moment and the delicate woman she had come to love.

Lifting both her hands, Beth grasped Shannon’s hand in her own, lacing her fingers with her roommate’s.

“I want this,” she whispered. “Until now, I never knew that I could care about another woman. But I know that I want you.”

A smile spread slowly across Shannon’s face as her fingers tightened their grip. Then she gathered her roommate in a an embrace and pushed her breasts harder against Beth’s cheeks.

“I think I want to kiss you, now,” Beth said, her voice low and quiet.

Unhurried, Shannon pulled back and then leaned over. She looked into Beth’s beautiful blue eyes. Outside, the wind whistled gently around the house, as Shannon parted her lips.

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