Bad Girl Punished – a Sophia fragment

“I told you what I expect of you, Sophia. Now bring me the hairbrush!” Alice’s voice was a sharper than she meant it to be. She smoothed her hair with one hand, and took control of what was sometimes a violent temper. “I forgive you for your actions this evening, Sophia. But you are going to obey me, and you are going to be punished for tonight. Now go!” Alice swatted her girlfriend’s bottom and propelled her toward the bedroom door.

Sophia retrieved the brush from the dresser. When she returned to the living room, Alice had the Spanking Chair in the middle of the room. It was straight-backed and had a blue cushion in the seat. Alice sat in the chair. She motioned to her girlfriend. “Come over here Sophia. Let’s get this over with.”

Sophia’s legs felt like jelly as she shuffled into the room. She was frightened, but she was also aroused by Alice’s tone of voice and the spanking that she knew was about to happen.

Slowly, Sophia crossed the room with the hairbrush extended in front of her, as though it was a holy relic. Alice pulled Sophia against her leg, and then tipped her into her lap. Sophia groaned as her middle met Alice’s knees.

Alice adjusted her girlfriend on her lap until Sophia’s bottom was high in the air. “This is going to hurt, Sophia. But I want you to stay still throughout the spanking.” Alice’s voice was mild and matter-of-fact. “I do not expect to see your hands back trying to cover your bottom. You can hold onto my leg if you want to, but if you put your hands on your butt, you will receive more punishment. Is that clear?”

Sophia was sniffling already. “Yes, Ma’am. But please don’t spank me. I promise. I’ll never be bad again. Please?”

Alice shook her head and kept her tone low. “We both know that isn’t true, Sophia.” Goose-flesh suddenly danced across Sophia’s naked bottom, and Alice stroked the bumps gently with the tips of her fingers. “You have to learn that if you act as you did tonight, you are going to be punished,” Alice said quietly. “After we are done, I think it will be a while before you do anything like that again.” Without another word Alice pulled Sophia tight with her free hand. She was about to land the first strike, when Sophia put her hand back and tried to cover her bottom.

Alice put the brush down in the middle of the girl’s back. “I told you not to do that, Sophia.” Alice spoke through clenched teeth, and her tone of voice was firm. “Now you will receive a hand spanking before I paddle your ass with the brush.” Alice punctuated her words with a hard SMACK! to her girlfriend’s right cheek. “You will learn to obey!”

Sophia gasped at the sudden impact. Her breath whistled as she sucked in air against the pain.


Words escaped Sophia, and she couldn’t formulate any thoughts. She knew better than to scream, as that would only make the punishment worse.

SMACK! “Count, my pet,” Alice said, with another strike. “Start the count now.” SMACK!

Sophia’s cries were soft, but between her sobs, she managed to get out the words: “One,” she said, knowing that this was only the hand spanking; the hairbrush was yet to come.

Do you need a Spanking?

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