Waiting is the Hardest Part – a fragment

“Go,” she said, pointing toward the living room. I walked slowly ahead of her, my arms crossed tightly across my breasts. Anticipation of my punishment made me slightly nauseous, and I felt as though needed to pee. The fluttering in my gut wasn’t a real need to urinate; I had felt that sensation before, and knew the feeling to be nervousness.

“Head for your corner.” Her voice was low and forceful – more of a growl than words. She wasn’t angry anymore, but there was steel in her commands. I walked around the footstool near the recliner, and then leaned my forehead against the cool wall. I dreaded her next command, but listened carefully lest I miss a single word. Did she want my to take off my skirt? Probably, but I waited for her to say so.

“Drop them,” she said, as though she had read my mind. “Take off your skirt and panties and then remove your blouse.”

My fingers trembled so badly, I could barely undress. I struggled to obey, snatching at the zipper and popping the buttons one by one. I dropped my clothes to the floor beside my feet and waited.

I’ve never gotten used to standing in the corner. One would think that after a while it wouldn’t bother me so much. But it does. Waiting is the hardest part. I hate standing in the corner, staring at the tiny cracks in the paint and the patterns that my mind makes of them. As my mind drifts, I look for eyes and faces, people that I think I might recognize. When I’ve stared long enough, familiar shapes emerge from the plaster – an old man riding a horse; a chicken with three legs.

With a soft snort, I close my eyes and strain my ears to hear my Mistress. I want to know what she’s doing. Is she still standing there staring at my naked backside? Is she planning where to land the first strike? I didn’t know. I don’t think she’s left the room, but she may have done so as I struggled out of my clothing. I desperately wanted to turn my head to see if my Mistress was still there, but I didn’t dare take the chance. I took a few deep silent breaths trying to calm the thudding of my heart so that I could hear better.

3 responses to “Waiting is the Hardest Part – a fragment

  1. The anticipation builds from the beginning and left me with knots in my stomach. I want to read more…now!!!

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