Lori and the Spanking Chair – a fragment

Natalia gestured toward the wall, and Lori’s gaze followed her hand. “Go get your paddle and give it to our guest. Then come back and bend over the back of the Spanking Chair.”

Natalia turned the chair around so that most of the sorority girls who had crowded into the room would have a view of Lori’s face as she hung over the chair.

Lori pursed her lips tightly and walked over to the row of paddles that hung on the wall. She was a strong girl with good sized breasts, and she was at least 5’10” tall. Lori had long, thick, blond hair that tumbled in loose curls over her shoulders. Her full lips looked like they were made for kissing, and her eyes were liquid pools of light blue. She wore a tight white skirt paired with a turtleneck sweater. Her spiked heels showed off her long, sleek legs. As Lori passed, I caught the scent of her perfume, and I wondered if she knew what was in store for her.

I watched the backs of Lori’s slim legs as her spike heels bit into the thick carpet, and my pulse quickened. Apparently I was going to give this girl a paddling! I swallowed hard as she took down one of the heavy wood paddles. Lori hung her head and came straight to me. I noticed that her hands trembled as she handed the paddle over. Then, with her lips still in a tight line, Lori bent over the back of the chair with her bottom pointed toward me. She spread her legs to about shoulder width and stood silently waiting for her punishment.

I took my time to examine the paddle. It had a good weight and was well-balanced. It was at least two and a half feet long, four inches wide and three quarters of an inch thick. I smiled to myself when I saw that a big red heart had been painted on one side of the paddle: “To Natalia, My Big Sister. Love, Lori.”

Natalia snapped me out of my reverie. “I want you to thank Alice for each swat she’s about to give you, and then ask her for another. Do you understand me, Lori?” The girl bent over the chair nodded her head miserably.

Turning to me, Natalia gestured at Lori’s bottom. “I want you to give her at least 10 hard swats. And I do mean hard!” Natalia’s voice was a growl. “Any punishment after that is up to you.”

With a quick nod of my head, I grasped the paddle’s handle with both hands and stood next to Lori’s left side. I touched the paddle lightly to her butt to measure the the distance. Lori’s short white skirt was drawn tight against her very vulnerable ass cheeks and I noticed the faint outline of her panties. I held the paddle about an inch away from her ass and squared my feet. Then I swung it back high and brought it down to slap Lori’s ass hard!

The room seemed to explode with impact as the hard, flat wood made contact with Lori’s firm, rounded butt. It was like hitting a fleshy balloon: bouncy, but with a solid feeling of weight to it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the other girls jump at the impact, apparently startled by the loud CRACK! of the paddle on the girl’s ass. Lori lifted her head and emitted a breathy “Ohhhh…” She bent her left leg and her ass canted to the side a little.

“Thank you, Ma’am, may I have another?” Lori’s voice was low and breathy, with just a hint of tears.

One response to “Lori and the Spanking Chair – a fragment

  1. Wow. Sorority girls!!! Omg yes!!! One strike with the paddle she already has tears in her eyes? That is a double yes!!!!

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