Amanda’s Bare Bottom Spanking – an excerpt

“Tell me, Amanda. Have you ever acted on any of your feelings? Have you touched another girl in a way that’s impure or improper?”

At each question, Amanda shook her head.

“Have you kissed another girl?” the nun asked. “Have you felt her lips on yours while she pressed her body against you? Have you probed a girl’s mouth with your tongue or sucked on her nipples?”

Amanda's Bare-Bottom Spanking

Amanda’s Bare-Bottom Spanking

In the back of her mind, Amanda noted the shift in how the questions were asked. She wasn’t sure why the nun’s tone was different, nor why the questions were framed the way they were. “No, Sister,” she said. “But I’ve wanted to. I’ve dreamed of kissing girls, of holding them tight. Of pressing hard against them!” Amanda cried and sank to her knees. “I am so ashamed!”


“No, Sister. Don’t try to justify them. I can’t have these thoughts. Girls have been punished for acting on thoughts like that. They’ve been spanked in your office!” Amanda closed her eyes tightly, yet tears still ran down her cheeks. “I know it! I’ve heard it!”

The nun stood up beside Amanda. She grasped the girl’s chin in her right hand and tipped the girl’s head back. Sister Alice looked into Amanda’s eyes: “My child,” she said. “You’ve got it all wrong.”

“No, Sister. I’ve got it right.” Amanda shook her head in the nun’s grasp. “I can’t have thoughts like this. I just can’t!”

“Amanda. My poor dear. It’s okay-”

“Please, Sister. You have to help me. I need-” Amanda bit her lip as she gazed up at the nun. “I need to be spanked! Please!”

Sister Alice stopped stroking Amanda’s head. “Spank you? You want me to spank you?” The nun’s eyes widened and a little shiver coursed through her body.

Amanda didn’t catch the rising note in the nun’s voice, but she did see the smile quirk Sister Alice’s lips. “Yes, Sister,” she said hesitantly. “Please. It’s the only thing that will help drive theses thoughts from my head!”

“You think a spanking will help?”

At this point, Amanda wasn’t sure anything could help. She didn’t know where the unnatural thoughts came from, or what would stop them. But Amanda had responded to the nun’s summons to her office for a reason. Deep down, she knew that something had to change, and that it would begin in Sister Alice’s office. Amanda wasn’t sure a spanking would help, but she could deny the need – the burning desire in her gut – to feel the nun’s hand across her behind. There was an appeal to that image – one that Amanda needed to satisfy. She needed to be punished for her thoughts – for nearly acting on her desires.

“Yes, Sister.” Amanda’s lower lip trembled. “Please spank me.”

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