Lana’s Inappropriate Choices – a fragment

“Please Mistress,” Lana pleaded. “I promise, I’ll never do that again. Never!”

“I know you won’t, pet.” I tapped the cane against my palm. “I’m about to make sure that you think twice before you misbehave again.” I used the cane as a pointer and gestured to my desk. “Now lean over and grab the far side of my desk.”

She hesitated, and her entire body trembled. “Please, Mistress. I’ll be good!”

“I didn’t give you permission to speak, Lana.” I closed my eyes briefly, and then slammed the cane onto the desktop. “Lean over the desk now, or it will be 20 strokes, and not 10!”

Shuffling to the desk, Lana did as she was told, but looked out of the corner of her eye at the rattan cane I held.

“Stacey!” I turned to the girl who waiting beside my office door for her turn at punishment. Startled to hear her name, Stacey took her eyes off Lana’s shapely ass.

“Yes Mistress?” Stacey knew better than to raise her gaze above my breasts. She kept her head low.

“Go to the other side of the my desk, and hold onto Lana’s arms.” Stacey jumped to obey. “I want you to hold her while I cane her backside, and if she manages to stand up even once, I’ll double your punishment.”

“Yes Mistress!”

By now, Lana was sobbing heavily, and the beating hadn’t even begun. Every muscle in her body trembled, and I knew that the girl wanted to leap up and flee the room. Glancing over her shoulder, Lana stared wide-eyed at the cane I held. It was thin and whippy, and I cut the air between us with a short slash to make sure that I had her full attention.

One-handed, I pulled down Lana’s sweat pants – the horrid, and lazy form of attire that had earned her the punishment Lana was about to receive.

Lana’s head fell forward to thump gently against the desk. She shook it slowly from side to side, still not able to believe that she is about to be whipped for wearing clothing of which I disapprove.

I pulled down her panties, so that Lana would be fully exposed, both to my eyes, and to the cane. I wanted to be certain that she felt the full force of each and every stroke.

“Take a firm grip on her arms, Stacey.” I smiled wickedly and bared my teeth. “This is going to hurt.”

A moan and several sobs escape from Lana, prone and vulnerable on my desk.

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