Never Lie to Kat – by Nikki Haze

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Never Lie to Kat – by Nikki Haze

Akira knelt on the cement floor of the sweltering basement, her arms tied behind her back by thick rope that threatened to break the delicate skin of her wrists. Sweat dripped down her hair, pooling around the thick ball gag in her mouth. Kat only gagged Akira when she was very angry.

A story by Nikki Haze

Never Lie to Kat

She looked down at the filthy floor, a spider crawled dangerously close to her knee, where the evidence of her lie was dripping down her thighs. She twitched at the closeness of large black bug. She forced herself to still as it began to crawl over her calf.

“Eyes.” Kat commanded, her voice quivering with anger.

Akira’s eyes immediately rocketed up to Kat, who was naked, sweat trickling over her lips and down onto those tight breasts. Her stance was exquisitely dominant. She was looming above her with a large wooden paddle in her hand. Kat’s sweet little rosebud lips were pursed as she grabbed Akira’s collar and tugged until she stood before her.

“Spread your legs.” Kat slapped the wood lightly against Akira’s pussy as she moved her legs. That spider was up to her thigh now, but she refused to move.

“Tell me what you did!” Rage made Kat’s eyes wild on hers.

“I lied, Kat.” Akira tried to get it out but the words were trapped in her throat.

“That’s right, you lied and now you can’t speak.”

She could see that Kat’s pussy was wet from her own sweat and the anticipation of Akira’s punishment. She met Kat’s eyes, completely still as that bug crawled over the curve of her ass, clinging to her sweaty body.

“Kneel for your punishment.”

Akira knew the position well; legs spread wide to allow access to her asshole, her forehead against the ground. The spider fell off her body as she shifted position and she released a deep breath.

The sweat dripping off Akira’s stomach was the only thing she heard as Kat knelt behind her. Akira braced herself for the first hit of the paddle. The first was always the worst. She nearly gasped in surprise when Kat rested the paddle precariously over her elbows, still restrained behind her.

“If it falls, I’ll use the whip.”

Kat’s fingers trailed along Akira’s pussy, bringing her juices upwards to her asshole where Kat slammed two fingers inside. Akira bit down on the gag, afraid she would cry out.

She added a third finger, and sunk them in deep. The pain quickly turned into pleasure as Kat lowered her lips and stuck her tongue in her pussy. Akira swallowed back her moans as her cunt began to quicken and swell under Kat’s touch.

Kat quickly retreated and smacked her hard on one cheek. She grabbed the paddle and immediately began wailing on Akira’s ass, the thwack of wood against her skin echoing in the small room. The forcefulness of the paddle was worse than she remembered.

Never lie to Kat.

“You never, ever fucking cum until I say!” she screamed at Akira, unrelenting against her bared ass with the paddle.

She hadn’t told Akira to count, so she braced herself for whatever Kat pleased. She was twelve spanks deep already and the warmth of the pain melted over her skin. Her cunt began dripping again as she disconnected completely from the pain, her eyes rolling back as she melted into the sweet kiss of that wood.

Kat stopped abruptly and placed the paddle back on Akira’s restrained arms. She rubbed her hands over the globes of Akira’s ass. She knew it was bright red and had felt it when her skin broke at the small of her back.

“Don’t ever lie to me. It’s my number one rule, Akira. You’ve displeased me greatly. Do you like to make me angry?”

Akira shook her head against the ground and mumbled, no. She lived for pleasing Kat. Kat mumbled her approval as she continued to rub Akira’s raw flesh.

Kat licked her asshole, tonguing the tight opening, her fingers sliding deep into Akira’s pussy. She knew exactly how to make her cum, her fingers hitting just the right spot as her tongue continued to rim her hole.

Just as her swollen flesh began to quiver, Kat took the paddle again. Akira bit down hard to prepare, but instead of beating her with it, she slid it between Akira’s legs. The wood went down the slit of her ass until the tip of the wood met her pussy. She slid it further, until it made contact with her swollen clit.

“You want to cum? Is that why your tight little cunt is trembling?”

“Yes, please,” Akira tried.

In response, Kat begin lightly smacking the paddle against Akira’s clit. She sunk those three fingers back into Akira’s ass with sharp and unrelenting thrusts.

“Go on and cum, then.”

Akira couldn’t help but think it was a trick, but with one hard slap of the wood she exploded. Her wild screams muffled as she leaned back into Kat’s fingers so they sunk all the way into her tight opening. Kat removed her fingers and licked her hole wile she continued to rub the wood against Akira’s clit, coaxing her down from her high.

“Lay face down on the ground,” Kat ordered. Akira felt her stand and heard the paddle hit the ground with a loud thwack.

Without saying a word Kat walked up those rickety stairs. Akira heard the basement door slam, the lock sliding into place. She didn’t need an order, Akira knew she was to remain in the position until Kat returned.

The spider crawled back towards her, climbing up over her cheek and into her hair. She took her real punishment, and did not move, not even to brush it away.

Never lie to Kat.




Nikki Haze is a multi-published erotica author with a large twitter and blog following. She writes about bi-curious and straight characters in decadent situations. She often writes about exhibitionism and group sex; usually both at the same time! She likes her climatic scenes to end with everyone covered in cum. The craziest place she’s ever had sex is her building’s lobby. She currently has over 20 titles available on Amazon. Nikki loves to hear from fans and is currently accepting submissions to her blog for her Quick & Dirty series.

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  1. Wow! Asshole play from the start! I LOVE that! Excellent story from Nikki.

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