Sophia’s Traffic Ticket Punishment – a fragment

“I’m going to spank you, Sophia.”

My girlfriend looked up at me. The surprise was clear on her face.

“What? No! You can’t mean that!”

We had been over this before. Traffic tickets ate into our meager budget, and I had warned Sophia in the past that she would be punished if she brought home just one more ticket. I grabbed a handful of Sophia’s hair and yanked her face close to mine.

“I mean it, Sophia, and you can either accept your punishment, or face further consequences.”

Sophia grabbed my wrist in an attempt to untangle my fingers from her hair. “Please, Alice!” She saw the anger writ large in my eyes. “It’s just a parking ticket!”

“Put your hands down!” I slapped my girlfriend’s hand away. “You’ve been naughty again, and you know that you deserve to be punished, don’t you?”

Sophia’s face crumpled as I used her hair to pull her face to within inches of my own.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Say it, Sophia,” I growled. “Say that you’ve been naughty and that you deserve to be punished!”

Sophia’s hands fluttered at the edges of my vision. She was frightened by my anger, and her bottom lip trembled. “I’ve been a naughty girl,” she said in a halting voice. “And I deserve to be punished.” Her face flushed a bright red when she said these words, and she cried out when I twisted her hair in my fingers.

“And how are naughty little girls punished?”

Sophia whimpered. “I don’t know.”

“Yes, Sophia.” My voice was low and threatening. “You know exactly how you’re going to punished.”

“Please,” Sophia said.

“That’s it,” I snapped. “I’ve had enough.” I let go of my girlfriend’s hair and shoved her back into the chair. “Every time you say you don’t know what I mean, you get another stroke. Am I clear?”

A look of horror crossed Sophia’s face. She wasn’t getting out of this; her punishment was assured. “A sp-sp-spanking,” she said, stuttering. “Bad girls get a spanking.”

I smiled thinly as I stood over my girlfriend. “That’s better,” I said. “”Now tell me. How should a naughty girl be spanked?” A moment of confusion crossed Sophia’s pretty face. She had no idea how to respond, and so I prompted her: “Is a bad girl spanked on her bare ass?”

“Please, Alice.” Sophia was sobbing by now. “I’m sorry, about the ticket! Please. I won’t ever get one again!”

I ignored her pleas. “Answer my question!”

Sophia sobbed and hung her head. Finally, she mumbled: “Yes, Alice.”

“Yes, what, Sophia?” I wanted Sophia to say what kind of punishment she deserved. “Tell me how a bad girl is spanked.”

“On the bare bottom.”

“Say it properly, Sophia.” I tipped her head up with a finger under her chin. “Naughty girls…”

Sophia’s bottom lip trembled, yet she found the words. “Naughty girls are spanked on the bare ass.”

I smiled warmly into her pretty, upturned face. “Time to get to it, then,” I said, brightly. “Take off your skirt and panties, then lie across my lap.” I sat down and waited for my naughty girl to strip.

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