Sex Begins with Spanking – a fragment

Sophia’s lip curled in that quirky way it did when she was smiling. She stood up and tugged at the zipper on the side of her skirt. It slid down easily, and she tugged the garment once, then dropped it to the floor. Sophia arched an eyebrow, and looked at me with an unasked question in her eyes; I knew she wondered whether I intended for her to remove her cotton panties as well.

“You can leave those on, for now, my pet.” I smiled up at Sophia, noting the deliciously light brown tones of her complexion, evidence of her Hispanic background. “But go ahead and take off your blouse off. That will save us some time later.”

Sophia grinned like a mad woman. She knew that at some point in the evening, we would be naked together and rolling in the sheets. But for now, it was all about spanking and anticipation. Gracefully arching her back for my benefit, Sophia pulled her white peasant blouse off over shoulders and dropped it to the floor on top of her skirt. Then, wearing only her lacy, blue bra and a pair of pale, blue cotton panties, Sophia draped herself across my lap.

Her panties were small and left little to the imagination, yet I already knew that Sophia’s ass was firm and plump.  It was also still a little sore from an spanking that I had give her in the kitchen. That spanking was playful; this one would hurt even more.

“I’m going to use my hand, pet,” I said.  “Why don’t we start with twenty?”

Sophia, ever the negotiator, worked the number down to fifteen. She was playing with me; she could easily take fifty strikes, and had done so in the past.

I gave her no warning and suddenly landed a hard swat on the middle of her left buttcheek, careful to center the blow on her cotton-covered ass. The SMACK! echoed in our bedroom, and my hand stung from the impact. I smiled and tickled the tips of my fingers over the spot that I’d struck, knowing that if my hand hurt, then so did her ass. But Sophia had been spanked before, and she had reacted with only a sharp gasp.

I landed another strike, then two more, gradually letting the SMACKS! land more and more on her bare skin and less on her cotton panties.  Sophia squirmed in my grip, shaking her full head of black hair wildly and moaning. By the time I SMACKED! her ass for the fifteenth time, Sophia was grinding her pubic bone against my thigh, and I knew that our night of fucking was not far off.

Do you need a Spanking?

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