WIP – Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning


From: Dean W.A. Largemont, School of Literature

To: Ms. Yvette Sharp, House Mother Epsilon Alpha Pi

Dear Ms. Sharp: I am deeply disappointed in the behavior of your Sorority at the recent fund-raiser. Two girls in particular – Allison Dowds and Bethany Riddles – have exceeded the boundaries of good taste and decorum. Their “Eat A Pie for Charity” promotion was disgusting and disappointing, and it reflected badly, not only on the EAP Sorority, but the college as a whole. Dinnerware featuring pictures of semi-nude girls was a serious breach of school etiquette. Your young ladies must learn proper behavior. I expect you to mete out punishment to Ms. Dowds and Ms. Riddles of the utmost severity. If you cannot – or will not – moderate the behavior of your young women, you will be asked to find other employment, and your Sorority will be closed.

Yours, Dean W.A. Largemont

Yvette re-read the email several times. Trembling with rage, the house mother slammed her mouse down onto her mouse pad. The cursor jumped across the screen, highlighting text as it went. Yvette had known that Ally and Beth would be problem girls when they pledged for Epsilon Pi three years earlier. Spoiled. Rich. Beautiful. Ally and Beth were the kind of girls who had everything handed to them throughout their lives. Honest work was a foreign concept to the girls, as was responsibility. Even now, Ally and Beth expected their sorority sisters to bear the burden of their mistakes.

The charity was a worthy one; a local church reached out to sororities across the campus to raise funds for orphaned kids who one day hoped to go to college. Any money collected would go into a scholarship fund, but this fund was available to any of the orphans who applied. It was a way of getting poor kids into school.

For the sororities, however, it was more than just sending kids to school. Raising money for charitable causes was a way to get the houses noticed in a positive fashion. Any number of earlier misdeeds might be forgiven for the house that raised the most funds. But even the college had limits when it came to misbehavior. A simple drunken party with one of the local fraternities could be overlooked – forgiven and buried in the campus records. Even cutting classes in favor of athletic programs could be massaged into high grades and complete classroom attendance.

But Ally and Beth had overstepped these normal college indiscretions. They took misbehavior to a new level when they took their cue from an old movie in an effort to raise the most money of all of the sororities. Ally and Beth had stolen voyeuristic photos of three girls from another sorority as those girls stepped out of the showers and had those photos printed on cheap, plastic plates. The two girls then bought 50 pies from the local bakery and sold slices of the pie on the pornographic plates. Eating the pie revealed the nearly naked girl underneath.

The three humiliated girls were horrified and threatening to press charges against every girl in Epsilon Pi! Yvette Sharp faced more than losing her job as house mother; the sorority could lose its charter and she and the other girls could face a lawsuit.

“Goddamnit!” Yvette slammed her mouse on the table again and pushed away from her desk. “Those fucking girls!”

“Is everything okay, Ms. Sharp?” It was Claire, the sorority’s president. Claire stood in the doorway and pushed back her brunette bangs. She was a tiny young woman, barely over 22 years old and set to graduate this year. She had dark eyes that seemed to smolder when she was angry – or in love. And despite how small she was, Claire had the full package: a slender neck and large breasts, slim waist and full hips. Her skin was creamy and delicate.

“No, goddamit.” This time, Yvette cursed without fury. Her tone was despondent, and Yvette leaned back in her chair, knotting her hands behind her head. “Two of your sorority sisters stepped way out of line at the charity fund-raiser.”

“Ally and Beth?” Claire had heard about the plates, and knew they a big hit, especially with the fraternity boys. The sorority had raised nearly $1,000 in the short time that the plates were sold at the charity fund-raiser. But one of the girls featured on the cheap dishware had discovered why the plates were selling so well. Her screams and rage quickly shut down the profitable venture, and Epsilon Pi had been forced from the event in disgrace.

“$1000,” Yvette said simply. “That’s pocket change to Ally and Beth. They could have donated it themselves and saved us all a lot of trouble.”

Claire stepped into the room. “What kind of trouble?” Her dark eyes narrowed.

“Losing the house charter would be the least of our problems, Claire.” Yvette swept her blond hair back. She was a pretty woman, even when angry. Her blue eyes were icy, and Yvette had a smooth, pale complexion, evident of her Nordic ancestry. She looked good to be a woman in her 30s and attracted attention from both men and women. “We’re looking at a possible lawsuit: invasion of privacy; distribution of pornography on campus grounds; terrorist threats.”

“What threats?” Claire was fully in Yvette’s office and stood ramrod straight in front of the house mother’s desk. “What the hell is that about?”

“One of those two – Ally or Beth – threatened the girls in the photos.” Yvette swept her fingers through her hair again. She looked beaten – defeated. “I can’t believe how fucking stupid those two are: spoiled, rich girls!’

Claire slammed her hand on Yvette’s desk. “We can kick them out of the sorority!”

“Yes,” Yvette said. “But that won’t save us. Those three girls were humiliated in public. They want more than expulsion. They want our sorority house, my job and as many of our girls in jail as they can manage.”

Claire huffed and sat down hard in the arm chair across from Yvette’s desk. It was an older chair, well-worn and comfortable. On any other day, Claire would have been happy to be in her house mother’s office, talking over sorority plans and gossiping about the girls on campus. But this time Claire was too angry to take in the comfort of the chair. “What else can we do?”

“I don’t know, Claire.” Yvette leaned back in her chair again and rubbed hard at her face with her palms. “Those three girls are humiliated. There’s no telling how many frat boys are jerking off on those plates right now, while looking at those pictures.”

Claire looked ill. The image of a privileged fraternity boy hunched over a plate stroking his cock was not a welcome picture in her mind. Claire was gay. Unlike many young woman her age, Claire had always known that she preferred girls to boys. She had even taken another girl to her senior prom. Claire didn’t have anything against men in general – she wasn’t a radical feminist or a man-hater. She just didn’t have any use at all for cocks.

But just as the thought of a throbbing shaft made Claire slightly nauseous, the opposite was true for Ally. Claire knew that girl had swallowed more pricks than a porn star, and had even bragged about sucking the cock of the football quarterback. “Delicious,” Alley had proclaimed at the time. “His cum was sweet as candy!” Ally was tall, slim and blond. She was gorgeous at 5’10”, because she was built like Barbie – long legs, big breasts and pale skin. Ally preferred to wear her shoulder-length, blond hair loose, and that added a nice frame to her face and clear, blue eyes. Most days found Ally dressed in short-shorts and a plain white t-shirt with no bra. Claire had always wanted to fuck that girl, and she even had dreams about the Ally in which they were locked in a 69 position, and eating each other’s pussy.

Claire didn’t know as much about Beth – whether she fucked guys or girls. But what Claire was sure of was that the girl was beautiful. Beth was Hispanic: her mother a full-blooded Dominican, and her father a white drug dealer from Florida. Beth had picked up the best aspects from both races: solidly built with big tits and a full ass, about 5’5” tall, with black, shoulder-length hair. Beth’s eyes were her best feature – big and dark, complimenting her light brown complexion and beautiful, straight teeth. Like many of the girls at Epsilon Pi, Beth liked to show off her legs with short, black skirts – mid-thigh or higher.

As Claire thought about Beth, she realized that she wanted to fuck her as much as she did Ally. Thoughts began to roll around in Claire’s mind – the possible lawsuit, the humiliated girls, the potential for police involvement and the loss of the sorority’s charter.

“I have a plan,” Claire said at length. “This is sorority business, and as house mother, there’s not much you can do outside of the law.” Claire snapped her perfect teeth together, a habit she had when Claire was working things out in her mind. “But if you can get those three girls here tonight – no lawyers, no cops – I think we can straighten this mess out, to all of our satisfactions.”

Yvette had put her hands over her face, and only now looked through her fingers at the young woman. “My job is at stake, Claire. Your future. My future. The house. Everything.” Yvette put her hands down flat on the desk and leaned forward. “This is serious business, Claire. Ally and Beth can’t get off with a slap on the wrist.”

“I’ve got something more than a slap in mind,” Claire said. “Though you’re thinking in the right direction.” Claire’s smile was wide and toothy. She snapped her teeth together one more time, then licked her lips. “Just have those girls from the other sorority here at our house at 7 p.m. I’ll take care of the rest.”

That’s all for now, my pets, though I plan to finish the story this weekend. I promise much in the way of Caning, Humiliation, Anal and Vaginal Play, Spanking, Whipping, Figging … and more Caning. This story is all Female – F/F/F/F/f/f

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  1. Such an excellent read!!!

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