WIP – Sorority Heat (second excerpt)

Work progresses, my pets, on my latest Caning and Humiliation tale. In this scene, the girls are in the basement, and they’re about to receive an enema, prior to a Caning. Enjoy this excerpt of my work-in-progress.

Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning (excerpt)

“We’re ready.” Arlene untied her belt and swept back her white robe. A collective gasp went through the room when the sorority girls saw what Arlene wore under the ankle-length cloak: a black latex catsuit, along with a black PVC steel-boned underbust corset circling her waist. The corset had silver buckles and was cinched tightly. Black, four-inch stilettos added to Arlene’s already imposing height. Also hidden by the long, white robe was a black duffel bag that Arlene had over one shoulder. It was about four feet long, and she dropped it to the floor. “Jamie. Daria.” Arlene pointed at the duffel. “See to the toys. The rest of you-” Arlene pointed to the larger group of girls, as well as Yvette. “Stand back. Except for you, Claire.” Arlene smiled coldly. “You’re with me.”

Together, Arlene and Claire approached the two girls standing on the punishment side of the basement. With her heels, Arlene towered over all three of the girls. Sheathed in black latex, she was like an icy, dark goddess.

“Get your clothes off.” The four words initially had no effect on Ally and Beth, as they stood dumbstruck by the angry, blond beauty. “Now!”

Beth was sobbing again, but reached down dutifully to unzip her short skirt. She fumbled with her blouse, and started to sit down in one chairs to remove her shoes and knee-high socks.

“No,” Arlene said. “You will stand until I tell you to sit.”

“But my socks-”


The slap rang out in the room, and the sorority girls in the kitchen turned as one and got very quiet.

“You’ve just earned yourself more punishment, Beth.” Arlene’s voice was cold. “Do you want to earn more, or will you keep your mouth shut?”

Beth bawled miserably, snuffling back snot and wiping at her nose. She said nothing, but stood on one foot at a time, yanking at her socks. She was a beautiful girl, naked and light brown from head to toe. Her pert breasts, once free of her bra, were cone-shaped and had puffy nipples, perfect for sucking. Beth had a lovely slim waist and a dark, rich tangle of pubic hair. Her legs were strong and smoothly muscled, leading to a perfect ass. Beth stood shivering and naked, her arms crossed across her tits, while Arlene examined her.

Behind her, Ally stripped off her clothes and dropped them to the floor. She didn’t make the same mistake as Beth; she kept her mouth shut throughout the process. Claire watched the girl closely as Ally removed her clothing. “She’s fucking gorgeous,” Claire thought to herself. And Ally was beautiful: her long, blond hair was highlighted by her creamy complexion, and Ally’s full breasts swayed as she balanced on one foot and then the other to remove her shoes and socks. Ally’s slender waist was enhanced by full hips, and the young woman had shaved her blond pubic thatch to a finger-width landing strip. The fuzz just barely obscured Ally’s pussy lips, and Claire had to restrain herself from stroking the girl’s cunt. Ally was sniffling, but otherwise stoic. Instead of covering herself in shame, Ally stood with one hand on her cocked hip as though posing.


“Yes, Mistress Arlene?” Jaime held a red, rubber bag in one hand that had about three feet of tubing extending from one end. In the other hand, she had a thin, latex glove. She looked up at her Mistress, knowing that revenge and humiliation were about to begin.

“Which of these girls do you want?”

Jaime smiled and knelt to retrieve a jar of KY-jelly from the duffel bag. Balancing all of the items in her hands, she nodded at Ally. “I’ll take the mouthy one,” she said.

That’s all for now, my pets, though I plan to finish the story this weekend. I promise much in the way of Caning, Humiliation, Anal and Vaginal Play, Spanking, Whipping, Figging … and more Caning. This story is all Female – F/F/F/F/f/f

Do you need a Spanking?

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