Saturday Spanking – Sorority Heat Excerpt for #SatSpanks

This excerpt from Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning is part of the Saturday Spankings blog hop. In this scene, Claire, one of two girls who betrayed another sorority, is introduced the cane, as it cracks across her lovely, upturned ass.

Sss-Crack! Sss-Crack!

dominatrix in black leather corset with riding cropTwo quick strikes across the girl’s thighs had her screaming and crying! The half-circle of sorority sisters watching gasped in unison. A few pressed closer, but most kept their distance. Claire, who was tight in the Domina’s grip, had been part of those three strikes to Ally’s quivering flesh. Hand in hand, the two of them held the cane that struck both ass and thighs. Claire had felt the impact not only because hers was one of the hands that held the cane, but also because Arlene had thrust her latex-clad body against Claire for each of the three strikes on Ally.

“Down!” Arlene commanded. “Now!”

Ally danced from foot to foot for a moment longer, tears streaming down her face. Slowly, she moved back into position, her swaying breasts nearly knocking over the tea cups.

“Arms out!”

Trembling, Ally put her arms out again. “P-p-please!” she cried.


Another impact, and the girl howled again, tightly clenching her buttocks. Fire seemed to race up Ally’s spine, not only from the strike, but from the ginger lodged firmly in her rectum. She groaned loudly, and a rush of whispers passed among the gathered sorority girls.

“Silence!” The entire room hushed, but for Ally’s sobs. Arlene paused long enough to rake the room with a steely gaze. She locked eyes with each of the sorority sisters of Epsilon Pi watching the punishment of Ally and Beth. “From now on, there will be nothing said, but the count!”

25 responses to “Saturday Spanking – Sorority Heat Excerpt for #SatSpanks

  1. Yikes! The cane? OMG. That is one sorority that I wouldn’t want to join–ever! Great excerpt, though. Look forward to reading more.

  2. Yikes! The cane? OMG! That is one sorority that I wouldn’t think of joining–ever! Great excerpt though. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.

  3. Love this snippet Alice. Nice to see you here and congrats on the new release.

  4. Wow! Love, love the sorority concept and it was well executed as well.

  5. Just the mention of sorority and spanking congers up a whole bees nest of sensuality and lust. And of course Alice you portray this so uniquely here in this release and in past releases. Enjoyed this snippet…

  6. reneeroseauthor

    whoa! Totally hot and the sorority concept is perfect!!

  7. OOOh. Hor sorority spanking. I can imagine the quiet in the room at the end.“From now on, there will be nothing said, but the count!” Great excerpt Alice 🙂

  8. That’s one hot excerpt!

  9. I’m with Kathryn… definitely a Sorority I would stay away from. I might send my enemies there, though. *innocent grin*

  10. Oh wow! That is one pissed off sister. Very hot, very well done.

  11. Whoa, that was intense! I agree that is one sorority I wound not like to join! I would love to be a fly on the wall though!

  12. Ow ow ow ow! Sheesh, you like the cane TOO much!

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