Breaking in a New Birch Rod – a Sophia fragment

I picked up the birch rod and examined it closely for imperfections. I’d made the rod the day prior out of long, leafless twigs and thin branches from the willow tree in our front yard. Bound together with twine and soaked for an evening in brine: A good birch needed to be tested prior to any real use.

I stepped back a few paces, switching the air between me and Sopia’s upturned bottom. She was in the Spanking Chair, naked and vulnerable. I watched as Sopia clenched her butt cheeks and grip the seat of the chair tightly, as the birch rod cut the air with an eerie hiss.

“Please,” she pleaded, her sweet, brown butt contorting in a lewd dance.

I smiled as Sophia begged, then slid my panties down my legs with my free hand. They were easy enough to remove, and I stepped daintily to one side, then kicking them free with my foot. “You know what’s coming, my pet,” I said as I stepped up close to her. I stroked her back with the rod, then wadded the panties into a tight ball and pushed them into her open mouth.

“If those panties leave your mouth at any point, your will receive extra strokes.” I tapped Sophia’s trembling bottom with the birch rod. “Do you understand me, my pet?”

Sophia silently nodded her head, eyes wide with fear and expectation.

I stepped back two paces, then raised the birch rod high over my head.

“Take a breath, my pet.”

As she inhaled, I struck.

Do you need a Spanking?

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