Bad Girl in Atlantic City – an excerpt

Selena suffers painful consequences when she leaves a hotel without her counselor’s permission, and then lies about where she went. Not only is the 19-year-old girl spanked for her misbehavior – she learns about “figging” firsthand when Ms. Wild inserts ginger root into Selena’s bunghole prior to delivering a hot spanking to the girl’s bare butt. Don’t miss this erotic F/f tale of spanking, domination when Natasha Wild teaches a bad girl to behave when she’s in Atlantic City. This tale is graphic in nature and is meant for adults only. All characters depicted are 19 or older. Enjoy this excerpt!

And then almost as suddenly as Natasha had started the spanking, she stopped.

Selena realized that with the flurry of spankings, Natasha had stopped talking. “Did she ask me a question?” Selena panicked. “I didn’t hear what she said!” Through her tears, Selena tried to ask a question, but a hand to her back stopped the girl.

Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure

Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure

“We’re not done yet, Selena,” Natasha said cooly. “I want to make sure that you understand how I feel about lying.” Natasha repositioned the sobbing girl, raising Selena’s bottom even more prominently by placing another pillow under her hips. “Atlantic City can be a dangerous place, Selena. Something could’ve happened to you, and I wouldn’t have known anything about it until it was too late.” Natasha put a hand to Selena’s hot bottom and twisted the ginger root inside the girl. Selena responded by pushing her pubis into the pillow. Sobs choked her throat, and she moaned. “That you went off and skipped the conference is bad enough,” Natasha said. “I’m disappointed in your choices. But this is a Young Woman’s Leadership Conference. You’re here because you’re supposed to be a leader – a role model to the other girls. Skipping out on the sessions was unacceptable, and then you lied about it. Do you understand what I’m saying, Selena?”

Selena turned her head slightly. She nodded. “Yes, Ms. Wild.” Her voice was small, and a little saliva dribbled from Selena’s mouth.

“I’m glad we understand each other,” Natasha said. “Now let me add this up: you missed seven lectures today, and encouraged another young lady to do the same.”

Selena’s eyes widened. She wanted to protest: It was Amy who had pushed her into skipping the sessions! Selena opened her mouth to speak and then saw the look in Natasha’s icy-blue eyes. Explanations would do no good.

“I think one hard smack for each of the missed sessions, and three more for encouraging Amy to go with you will finish this punishment.” Natasha twisted the ginger root, and a fresh burn coursed through Selena. “Do you agree?”

Selena twisted her head around and looked over at the bed. “Oh, my gosh,” she realized. “The hairbrush!” It was gone from from it’s place on the bed, and Selena knew that her counselor held it high above her bottom.

Selena put her head back down on the bed and bit tightly into the wash rag, steeling herself for the hot smacks that were about to rain down on her bottom. “Yes, Ms. Wild,” she mumbled.

“Ten more then, Selena, and then we’re done.” Natasha stroked the girl’s bottom lightly with her fingertips and watched Selena shiver at her touch. “But this is different. This time, I want you to count.” Suddenly, Selena felt something cool and hard press against her hot, sore bottom. Before she could think, Natasha brought it down with full force on her already tender cheeks.

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