A Much Needed Break – Flash Fiction

Sophia in her Leather Harness

Sophia likes Leather

Sophia came into my writing room with a nasty grin on her face and her hands behind her back. “The front door is locked,” she said. “The shades are drawn, and I’ve taken the batteries of out both of our cell phones.” Sophia licked her lips and gave me a wicked wink.

“What are you up to?” I was suspicious. It was the middle of the day, and I was working on a new spanking story. Sophia had that naughty look – like she was up to no good. I like that look, but it frequently takes us places that are hot and steamy, if you know what I mean.

“I’ve got something I want you to try,” Sophia said, bringing her hands out from behind her back. She chuckled, and dropped a dildo on the writing desk between us. There was a soft thud as it struck the wooden surface. Slowly, I stood up and stared at the huge phallus. It was monstrous – at least nine inches long and half the diameter of my wrist. And it wasn’t one of those silly, purple-sparkly things. This fake cock looked real; hard and veiny, with a little switch at the bottom. Most times, Sophia and I just played with one another: a little spanking; a bit of scissors; and some good old-fashioned 69. Dildoes didn’t really hold a lot of interest for either of us. But as I looked at this little monster, I shivered and wondered what it would be like to ride it, to feel the fake cock throbbing deep inside of my pussy.

Sophia nudged the phallus toward me with her fingertip. “Come on, Alice.” She licked her lips again. “You know you want to give it a try.”

I felt like I was in a daze as I slipped my shoes off. Sophia was right; I wanted to try this. It had been a long time since I’d had anything that large in my cunt. I pulled my skirt up and held the edge of the fabric with my teeth while I removed my panties. Thinking back to what Sophia said about the locked doors and shaded windows, I eased myself onto my writing desk, scattering papers and shoving the laptop to one side. Then, to make sure that Sophia had a good view, I pulled my skirt up around my waist and tucked the edges into the waistband.

“Give it to me.” My voice dropped to a whisper. Sophia handed me the face cock, and then leaned on the desk as I pressed it against the lips of my pussy. I was already wet thinking about the phallus and knowing that Sophia was watching my every move. I eased the dildo into my pussy just an inch, and then withdrew the glistening rubber cock. It was slick with my moisture, and I ached for more. I eased it in again, a little further this time, only to pull the cock out again. I took my time in accepting the full length and enjoyed Sophia’s hot gaze as she watched me work the dildo into my quim.

When the cock was fully inserted, Sophia smiled. “That switch at the bottom will do wonderful things to the dildo,” she said. “Give it a flick when you’re ready.”

I nodded, but I didnt’ turn it on right away. Instead, I pulled and pushed the full length in and out of my pussy slowly. My eyes were half closed, but I could see Sophia as she leaned closer over the desk. I picked up the pace – faster and faster, my arousal rising with every thrust. The fake cock filled me, and it felt so fucking good. Really good.

Finally, I gasped and whispered to Sophia: “Turn it on for me. Please.”

Through slitted eyes, I watched as she moved her hand down the skin of my thighs, sending a shiver through my body. She toyed with the switch, played with my hand, as I pushed the dildo in and out. And then, she flipped the toggle switch at the bottom of this mini-monster, and it began to vibrate. But it was more than a simple vibrator. An off-center rod inside the cock began to turn and I threw my head back and howled with pleasure as jolts of pure ecstasy shot through my body. Sophia ran her hands up my thighs, stroking my skin lightly with her sharp fingernails. It was like little electric jolts on my skin, timed almost perfectly to the throbbing cock.

Then Sophia stepped around the table so that she could unbutton my blouse and slip it off one shoulder. I didn’t want to stop, but Sophia grabbed the dildo with her free hand so that I could shiver my way out of blouse. My bra followed a moment later.

I took control of the cock again as Sophia turned her attention to my skirt. It was a lovely plaid, with buttons running the full length of one side. Sophia took her time with the buttons, but eventually, I was free of all of by clothing.

“Very nice.” Sophia said. “You look delicious.”

I hadn’t slowed my rhythm with the dildo, even though it was a little embarrassing to be naked and impaled on a vibrator while Sophia watched. She cupped my tits in her hands and ran her thumbs over my erect nipples, tweaking them, and I whimpered with pleasure. It was early spring, and my office was cold, yet I managed to work up a sweat.

I had my first orgasm within minutes. Others followed rapidly while I whimpered and moaned and then, finally, I threw my head back and screamed with pleasure. Sophia laughed low in her throat and bent to lick the sweat from my belly. I caught her eye and whispered, “Please, turn it off. I can’t take any more right now.”

Sophia reached between my legs and snapped the toggle to the off position. I eased the cock out of myself and lay back on my desk.

Sophia stroked my thighs and whispered. “Do you feel better?”

I nodded and leaned my head up. “Yes. Oh, hell, yes!” I stared down at her black hair as she pressed her cool face against my stomach.

“Then it’s time to get back to the spanking,” she murmured against my flesh.

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